• Name: Steven S
  • Los Angeles Classes: Accent reduction
  • Locations: Alhambra, Pasadena, South Pasadena
  • About: Hi, my name is Steven Stanley and I'm looking forward to becoming your Strommen accent reduction coach, no matter where you live via Skype or Zoom. I'm an L.A. native, having grown up in Santa Monica, California. After graduating from Santa Monica High School, I earned my BA in French from UCLA and my MA in TESOL from Georgetown University in Washington DC. I spent my 20s teaching abroad (in Morocco, Mexico, and Ecuador) so I know about the ups and downs of living in a foreign country. Returning to the United States, I began a decades-long ESL teaching post in the American Culture and Language Program at California State University, Los Angeles, where I consistently earned among the highest student evaluations Also, having learned how to speak French, Spanish, and Japanese (along with some Italian and Moroccan Arabic), I know what it means to acquire another language. If you're a business professional: I have what it takes to help you sound more like a native speaker, having created a course in Pronunciation Improvement for Foreign-Born Professionals at Cal State LA, an extension class which I taught to hundreds of business pros for more than ten years. If you're a student: I've taught CSULA classes in Academic Presentations, so I can help you improve your public speaking skills and make sure your PowerPoints are grammatically correct. If you're an actor: There's no other accent reduction coach with my diverse background and set of skills. Not only do I have extensive ESL teaching experience, I've acted on local stages and studied with some terrific instructors, so I know what it is to prepare a monologue, a scene, or an entire script. Not only that, but as L.A.'s most prolific theater reviewer, I've seen firsthand how mistakes in stress, rhythm, and intonation can prevent a foreign-born actor from sounding authentic and believable in a role. I'm friendly, encouraging, and always go the extra mile to customize my lessons to suit each student's needs. In other words, whether you're a business professional, a student, or an actor, I am here to deliver what you're looking for in an accent reduction coach.
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