• Name: Aleksandra S
  • Los Angeles Classes: French, Russian
  • Locations: Los Feliz, Studio City, Silver Lake, Glendale, West Hollywood
  • About: Hi there, language enthusiasts! I was born and raised in Russia, and I love sharing my native language and culture with the world! I have also introduced more than 100 people to the French language while being a French instructor and tutor at the Ohio State University where I got my Master’s degree in French/Francophone Studies. I have 6 years of tutoring experience, and I know the challenges people face when they start learning a new language. My teaching approach is “let’s set a goal and make this journey fun!”. I truly believe that the process of language acquisition should be enjoyable (even if we’re dealing with complicated grammar!) and communicative (so that whatever you learn in my classes you can actually use in real life). I always adjust my curriculum to the specific needs and learning styles of my students, and I absolutely enjoy using a lot of authentic materials (Russian/French music, film/TV, books, art etc.) to help students not just learn the language but also better understand the culture of people speaking this language. Do you need a Russian tutor to prepare for playing a Russian character or to watch Tarkovsky’s movies without subtitles? Do you want to learn French to read Les Misérables? Perhaps, you want to travel to Russia (which is a great idea!) or go on a romantic tour to Paris or Quebec Whatever your motivations are, I will be happy to guide you through this fascinating journey of learning Russian and/or French!
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