• Name: Meimoun B
  • Los Angeles Classes: Spanish
  • About: Meimoun is a dual citizen of Spain and graduated from the University of Texas at Austin with a B.A. in Iberian and Latin American languages and cultures. They gained fluency while living in Spain, resulting in their use of Iberian Spanish in daily life , however, they have ample exposure to the dialects and regional intricacies of Latin America as well. Meimoun has had extra exposure to Iberian (madrileño, extremeño, andaluz, catalan) Mexican (norteño, DF, costeño), Venezuela (caraqueño), Colombian (paisa, costeño, valluno), Argentinian (rioplatense), Cuban (general). Meimoun is a native English speaker who has achieved bilingual proficiency in Spanish through immersion and formal settings as well. Paired with their background in translation and vocal training, Meimoun can help perfect your accent, and improve proficiency in listening, speaking, and writing.
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