• Name: Kareen M
  • Los Angeles Classes: French, Spanish
  • Locations: Charlotte
  • About: Kareen is a native French Speaker from the Ivory Coast. She moved to Charlotte, at the age of 14 with her family. She went on to earn Undergraduate Degrees in Spanish and International Studies with a Concentration in European Studies as well as a Graduate Degrees in Public Administration from the University of North Carolina at Charlotte. Kareen is very passionate about the languages she knows and teaches. In addition to French and Spanish, Kareen also speaks Abbey, one of over sixty different languages spoken in her native country, and which she enjoys speaking when visiting with family back in Ivory Coast. Kareen also speaks German, which she has studied since her early teenage years and she also spent two summers studying German at Colón Language Institute in Hamburg, Germany. In addition to teaching at the Language Academy of the Carolinas, Kareen also works as a Freelance Translator / Interpreter for several local organizations and government institutions. Kareen currently resides in Harrisburg, NC with her Guatemalan Husband, and her three children.
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