• Name: Mercedes R
  • Los Angeles Classes: Spanish
  • Locations: Online
  • About: Hola! I am Mercedes. I was born in Argentina and I was lucky to be able to travel, live and study in many different countries of Latin America (Chile, Uruguay, Bolivia, Colombia, Costa Rica, Panama and Mexico), as well as 6 years in US for my PhD studies in Ecology. All these adventures allowed me to experience and learn the diversity and richness of Spanish language and culture beyond the borders of my own country. Currently I am living in an small old town in northeastern Segovia, Spain where I got to learn the particulars of Castillan Spanish. Teaching is one of my passions. In the last 10 years, I centred on teaching Spanish to kids, teens and adults. In my classes I create a relaxed and fun environment where students can gain confidence working step by step towards their goals. As we move along our meetings, I asses the student engagement and progress, critical thinking, creativity and curiosity and use this to shape and plan future meetings, adjust contents, speed, type of materials to use to keep the meetings interesting yet challenging. Homework and practice tasks are geared to use vocabulary and grammar structures in context and in practical ways (e.g., making videos, short interviews, social media posts, writing short stories, etc). Each person has unique ways of learning and acquiring knowledge, thus I start from the student´s goals, create micro-steps in the form of Can-Dostatements, and use variety of authentic materials like music, videos, documentaries, series, articles, literature pieces, etc. (rather than using a textbook) to include all three modes of communication (interpersonal, interpretive, and presentational). Grammar is incorporated in context and presented in small incremental steps so that is not overwhealming and that helps to use it with confidence. I am also a textile artist working with batik and many other dyeing techniques. In my studio I love to experiment with dyes to create unique and unexpected textures and images on fabric. Also, as I live in rural Segovia right at the edge of a gorgeous natural area, I like to go hiking, birwatching or just hang out by the Riaza river under the cool shade of the poplars. I look forward to meeting you and embark in the spanish learning adventure!
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