• Name: Celine B
  • Los Angeles Classes: French
  • Locations: Beverly Hills, Los Angeles
  • About: Bonjour! My name is Celine and I am a native French speaker. I was raised in Marseille in a French family and have always been exposed to those languages and cultures. I hold a Baccalaureate of French Literary Language with an associate degree in tourism. I subsequently wrote for many popular magazines in Paris as a French travel journalist, which led to the creation of my own French-language magazine when I moved to the US. As the mother of three children in Beverly Hills schools, we all speak French perfectly, which is our main language at home. After such a long journey in French-language journalism and the relationships it has brought me, I have chosen to give way to a larger team that continues to edit and distribute this great French magazine throughout the United States. Afterwards, I was able to take advantage of my experience to teach the French language and devote myself entirely to this activity. I teach French to children, teens and adults of all ages, online or in person. I customize all of my lessons for each student and use materials that are either self-composed in writing, illustrated with drawings and exercises, or taken from professional books used in American schools teaching French. My classes are very interactive, progressive and lively. My students learn very quickly, with taste, to have a real conversation in French, with grammatical rules perfectly learned and mastered, as well as to acquire a knowledge of the culture of this country with its thousand facets. I look forward to teaching you this beautiful language, rich in vocabulary, which is waiting to be learned. See you soon, I hope!
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