• Name: Guillermo L
  • Los Angeles Classes: Art, Kids, Spanish
  • About: My teaching approach is deeply rooted in my passion for documentary filmmaking and my belief in the power of storytelling to enhance language learning. As a documentary filmmaker, I bring a dynamic and immersive dimension to my courses, leveraging the rich narratives of films and books that are relevant to understanding our times and challenges as a society. In my classes, I strive to create an engaging and interactive environment where students not only learn the Spanish language but also gain insights into the cultural and historical context of the Spanish-speaking world. By integrating carefully curated films and literature, I offer a unique lens through which students can explore language in the context of real-world issues. Why just learn a language when you can also find a safe space to chat about the many challenges we are currently facing as a society? I encourage students to express their opinions and engage in discussions on topics that matter to them. This not only fosters language proficiency but also enhances their critical thinking skills. Born in Madrid in 1987, I am a seasoned screenwriter, director, and executive producer, boasting extensive experience collaborating with some of Europe's most dynamic production companies. My training spans both Madrid and New York. Beyond my contributions to the film industry, I have actively shared my expertise in education. From 2014 to 2016, I enriched my teaching experience by engaging with students in diverse settings, including private and public schools in Brooklyn and Manhattan. Alongside this, I provided private tutoring, using my skills to inspire and guide students in their exploration of the Spanish language and culture. This fusion of my filmmaking and teaching experiences has distinctly influenced my approach, allowing me to renovate the educational sphere with a blend of practical knowledge and creativity. It is through this mix that I bring a wealth of insights to my students, creating a dynamic and enriching learning environment.
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