• Name: Delphine B
  • Los Angeles Classes: French
  • About: My name is Delphine. I'm French and Parisian, but I've been living in Denver, Colorado, for 3 years now. Having been a teacher for several years, I have had the opportunity to work with audiences of very varied ages, ethnic and cultural origins, and socio-professional categories. To meet the needs of these very different audiences, I had to adapt, put in place training plans, and design my educational tools. Over the years, I realized how important it was to offer “strong” content, that is to say, ambitious content where we show, hear the foreign language, and think in this language. Very quickly, I challenge my students with works (literary and/or cinematographic) that reference complex social issues, and therefore have a dense and deep language culture. You have to study a language head-on: you take a text, an audio document, you read, you listen, you try to understand, you observe (the vocabulary, the linguistic structures...), you move forward... you re-use these new statements and linguistic forms, we practice, we start again! My approach is communicative because my students are in continuous interaction with me and/or with each other but structured. In each of my classes, we usually start with a holistic understanding of the topic presented in the chosen material. Then, gradually, we move towards a more detailed comprehension of this material to finally arrive at observation and study of the French language itself, thanks to the linguistic markers or skills that I have emphasized and that I would like the students to master.
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