• Name: Sandy W
  • Los Angeles Classes: Academics and Study Skills, German
  • About: Guten Tag! I am Sandy and I am a native German speaker from the very East of Germany (think riding a bicycle to Poland or the Czech Republic on a sunny day). I have been teaching German professionally in different countries across 3 continents. As a professor, I taught German at a university in Malaysia; I was a full time instructor at a Language Institute in Japan; and I also had private students while living in the UK, the US, and Germany. I am an anthropologist by trade and at heart, and I love learning about different communities and cultures while also sharing what I know about my own. Languages carry so much of culture and are an excellent gateway to understanding other people's ways of thinking and feeling. My teaching approach is direct and communicative, meaning that I will absolutely throw you into the deep[er] end of the pool by communicating predominantly in German during a session (with important exceptions!) and prioritize communicative rather than linguistic competence unless otherwise requested. It is important to me that my lessons are tailored to your learning goals, and that they are fun and feasible. I look forward to learning more about you and your hopes for knowing German! Danke und bis bald.
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