• Name: Javier F
  • Los Angeles Classes: Spanish
  • About: Hola, me llamo Javier Fernández, de España. For me the Spanish language with its idiomatic expressions, peculiar pronunciation and hispanic culture is totally normal because I was born in Córdoba, a region situated in the south of Spain. With Spanish as my native and original language I have helped other people for years to learn and improve my own language. Also I have been working as a writer, editor, translator in and to my native tongue. From 2009 I have been living in Dominican Republic, learning the culture and trying to help them as a teacher, working in their writing, oral expression and comphrension, and reading. With this experience and loving teaching, I decided to also teach online using a platform created just for online teaching, with a lot of success and advantages for the learner. I love teaching my Spanish from Spain and I am ready to share my native knowledge with people who appreciate the most widely spoken language in the world.
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