Author: Garrett Strommen


What is Ferragosto? Italian Dichotomies

Ferragosto is a Holiday celebrated in Italy on August 15th. It marks the height of Italian summer vacations. Italians are at the beach or at summer villas, and tourists rule the boarded up streets.

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The Longest German word (Crazy!)

The German language is know for its loooooong words and it might seem confusing at first. German has the ability to string words together

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Fun German False Cognates

German can kind of sound like English. When a word sounds like another language and has the same meaning it is called a cognate.

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Happy Victoire du 8 mai 1945

Victoire du 8 mai 1945 Le 8 mai marque la date anniversaire de la fin de la Seconde Guerre mondiale en Europe occidentale. Le 7

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Best of Los Angeles

Best Cinco De Mayo in Los Angeles

Happy Cinco de Mayo! Looking for the Best Cinco De Mayo experience in Los Angeles? We are here to help. Ok, first of all since at

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