Dialect Coach Los Angeles.


Strømmen has the world’s best Dialect coaches in Los Angeles.

With our experience assisting 100s of productions for over 15 years, you can depend on our team to assist your production with all of your dialect coaching and accent needs. Service are available on site in Los Angeles, and we can work with any sized production.


Strommen knows how to work with actors on set. We make speaking a foreign language or executing an accent with confidence easy. Our dialect coaches can help with one line or prepare an actor for even the most challenging of performances. Strommen can assist with casting, practice materials (MP3s, pronunciation guides, and phonetic spelling), meet with actors for rehearsal, work on set, as well as translate any additional lines you may need along the way. Beyond dialect coaching Strommen has years of experience with localization, which means we will ensure your linguistic and cultural representations are accurate. Our dialect coaches have worked with actors like Keanu Reeves for historically accurate Japanese in “47 Ronin”, Nathan Fillion for Mandarin in “Castle”, Sasha Baron Cohen for German in “Bruno”,  Emily Vancamp for a south-Boston accent in “Revenge” and many more (see our past projects for full details).

For Actors

Strommen has 7 years of experience helping actors perfect accents and foreign language dialogue. Our team can help you prepare for an audition, or assist you in preparing for the shoot. Check out our past projects to see some of our most notable work. Many actors also use Strommen to learn a foreign language to allow them more career possibilities. Ask about our Spanish for actors course for more info or check out our Languages.


Please contact us for on-set dialect and accent coaching. Check out our resume here.

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Submit a student application here and we will be in touch within 24 hours with a personalized recommendation for your needs, or just give us a call M-F 9am to 5pm at 323 638 9787 – You can also check our FAQ for more info!


We have worked on over 100 Film, TV and commercial productions. Contact us today for your Dialect Coaching needs.

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Strommen offers Dialect coaching and Translation services in Los Angeles. There is no project to small, and no challenge to big. Our years of experience will be an invaluable asset to your production. Strommen will ensure that your script translations are culturally accurate and well written, that your actors master the pronunciation and fully understand the lines, and ensure a perfect performance when it comes time to shoot. Please contact our office at 323-638-9787 (M-F) or contact us to speak with one of our specialists.