• Name: Jerilyn P
  • Los Angeles Classes: German, Other
  • Locations: Los Angeles
  • About: Jerilyn has worked as a private tutor for individuals and small groups for general German, and niche classes such as Theological German, private classes for a group of Rotary ambassadors, and German for Travelers. She has also worked as a translator and courtroom interpreter for private industry, the Commonwealth of Kentucky, and the Department of Defense. She is an active member of the National Language Service Corps (NLSC). She holds degrees in Music Performance and Bartending, and currently works as a web developer in addition to torturing—I mean teaching—German students. If anyone ever wanted to learn Albanian, she’d teach that, too. Please note that all of Jerilyn’s classes and lessons are taught entirely in the target language, even to raw beginners. It’s terrifying, in an exhilarating and rewarding way. She promises you’ll love it and that you’ll learn much more that way than if she coddled you. She has yet to kill a student with fear. In her spare time, Jerilyn enjoys vintage jazz dancing; cuddling her roommate, Samson Atticus Pickles Katt, Esq.; reading particle physics journals; and plotting benevolent world takeover. If you think she looks familiar, it’s probably either because you’ve seen her on the television, or maybe because once you were in a public space where she was being loud.
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