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Where the textbook meets the taco truck.

Strømmen is a place for the world’s best language tutors to create their own unique and creative group classes. 

Our tutors offer a variety of interesting language courses. Past courses include Beginner Spanish, but also Spanish Slang and Spanish Book Club. Our unique tutors have unique ideas, and we encourage that! 




  • Our group class marketplace offers a variety of pricing and options. Please check the schedule to see what our amazing tutors are currently offering.
  • Many classes offer Early Bird Registration: $227*
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  • Your tutor will assign text requirements because they create  their own curriculum.
  • No refunds or transfers after enrollment. Space can be very limited. Sorry!
  • If the student minimum is not met we will contact you with options!

We are here to help and answer any questions M-F 323‑638‑9787 or tell us about yourself and your goals.


Have questions? Call us at 323-638-9787 to speak with us or check our FAQ. Here are some common questions:


Is taking a language class worth it?

Learning new languages is a very rewarding step for anyone to take. You will broaden your horizons and learn to communicate with members of a new culture. Taking part in language classes, either in a one-on-one setting or as part of a small group, with Strommen, will enable you to expand your skills with valuable new additions, and will open new doors for you. This can be in terms of travel, educational and work opportunities. 

Do you think it is better to learn a language in a group?

While some individuals may prefer one-on-one lessons, others find it useful and rewarding to participate in groups. There is no correct answer, but ultimately a language is a means of communication and understanding and this is greatly aided by participation in our group classes.

Why is group work important for language learning?

Languages are by definition group activities. You can learn much from texts, but to really understand and use a language, you will need to use it on a regular basis. Strommen small groups are an ideal setting in which to learn and practice your newly acquired language skills

Why is group work good for English language learners?

A group setting will allow a student to a experience a greater variety and range of any given language, as every individual will use a language in their own unique ways. For students looking to learn to speak English, immersion is an excellent way to make progress.

What are disadvantages of group work?

Some students  find themselves distracted in a group setting, or prefer to move at their own pace. For such individuals, Strommen one-on-one classes are an ideal way to learn a new language.