Strommen Student Benefits

Happy Teachers:

Strommen is a tutoring referral agency, but we are also so much more than that. Unlike other websites, Strømmen is focused on language and we only have a limited amount of only the best local tutors. Strømmen has been ranked #1 on YELP in Los Angeles for 10 years (150+ 5 Star reviews on Yelp). We understand that tutors have different teaching styles, and students also have different learning styles. It is our goal to connect you to the best tutor for your unique learning style, goals and interests. Strømmen also cultivates a wonderful community of tutors and students. We have outdoor foreign language movie nights for current students and other fun opportunities to socialize and improve your language skills. We also donate free English second language classes to members of our community making a huge impact on people’s lives. Our tutors set their own rates, and make more than at any traditional language school while keeping costs as low as possible for students. Strømmen focuses on helping students and tutors to succeed. By using Strømmen students can feel confident that should their tutor go on vacation, your investment in language learning is safe and you can be paired with a new tutor. We also offer certification of hours completed for professional purposes (something for the resume!).

Not your high-school language class:

Our tutors create a course that’s perfect for you. As a Strommen student you will learn how to speak, write and read properly, but you will also learn the necessary slang, culture and dialects to truly communicate like a native.


If needed, you can switch teachers and subjects at any time with our private tutoring classes, also reschedule and cancel with 24 hours notice (for most tutors). Use your hours when you want to. You have 12 months to complete your packages, or even longer as long as you request an extension before expiration.

Real-World Locations:

Your Strommen classes aren’t in a boring classroom, rather, you will learn the language in the comfort of your home, office or in a real-world setting. Some tutors also use their home office as a venue for classes. You will enjoy meeting your teacher in unique and often social environments that our tutors choose.

Earn Free Classes with Strommen Student Rewards:

Do you love taking classes with Strommen? Have a friend that would love it too? Or do you have a friend that would make a great tutor? You can get a free class! Just make sure your friend gives us your name when they fill out their info here. You can also fill out the info for them. Once your friend signs up or completes at least 10 hours, we will credit you with a free class! Easy as that!


It is part of our mission to provide free language learning resources to the world. Specifically, we feel that developing free ESL resources can provide underserved communities with opportunities that would otherwise be unavailable. Furthermore we feel that promoting communication on a global scale will help make the world a better place with more understanding.


Stay tuned! We will  be hosting our first outdoor foreign movie night soon (Silver Lake Area) for all current students.


Our tutors all have years of tutoring experience, they are fully vetted independent professional teachers that comply with all laws. Strømmen is committed to having happy tutors and happy students. Don’t take our word for it, check out our Yelp! Our students pay less, but our teachers make up to 5X more than at other schools while teaching in the way they enjoy.