Our Story…

We love language. We believe that language has the ability to break barriers, foster compassion, allow understanding and build relationships.

Language is more than just buying a kilo of lemons at the store. That is simply communication – google translate can handle that. Truly learning a language is a life changing experience. It changes how you interact with the world, and also how you interact with yourself. 

We are a community of language learners. Students are invited to events like French Movie Night Outdoors and Foreign Language Karaoke Night. 

Every year we award free private ESL (English Second Language) and Group Class enrollment to local members of our community. 

 Happy instructors = happy students. We encourage creativity and work for the success of our students and our instructors. 

Strømmen is a full service language company including a translation and localization department, a dialect coaching agency and subtitle and transcription services.

A note from  the Founder:

As a child, I lived in Rome, Italy, where my father was the Dean of Temple University’s Study Abroad campus and my mother was a painting teacher. Watching study-abroad students experience a new culture and language, and seeing the impact this had on their lives was inspiring. Years later, I started Strømmen as a small group of local professional language instructors to help others experience new cultures and languages. Years later, Strømmen is still evolving. We are currently developing technology that will further empower our instructors and further support our community of learners on their journey.