Languages and dialects tell a story. With increasingly global and language conscious audiences it is vital to accurately represent dialects, languages and cultures. Whether it is a sign in the background created by the art department, word choice in the script translation, or the actors performance, the language has to be as clear and beautiful as the 4k image. 

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Strømmen’s Film and TV department has assisted hundreds of productions with everything from dialect coaches, Art dept requests, and script translations to network clearances. asked us to review the accents in “House of Gucci” LINK

Our coaches have worked directly with actors like Keanu Reeves, Sir Patrick Stewart, Sasha Baron Cohen, Christophe Waltz and many more. Strommen’s translation department is currently on retainer with some of the world’s biggest brands and utilizes a network of 200+ trusted linguists for any language pair and service (from certified documents to copywriting)



Our agency represents the world’s top interpreters, translators, and dialect coaches that can work. Our full-time translation and language project managers and dialect coach management team go above and beyond to make our clients happy. 

We can assist with all of your production and post-production needs. Need a Hatian Creole interview transcribed? No problem. Need someone in-person to work with the actor on Mainland Chinese? No problem. Want us to clear the episode for profanity? We do that too.

See why our clients keep coming back and our dialect coaches have the best reputation in town. If you need a Peruvian accent shouldn’t your dialect coach be from Peru?

We understand what it takes to get it right, and check it for you. 

Scroll down to see what our Dialect Coaches and translation dept. have been up to: 

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*Strømmen Inc operates as a manager for highly qualified professional dialect coaches under contract with Strømmen inc. Strømmen also operates as a fully insured translation and project management agency with full time employees and a team of over 700 translators globally. Additionally Strømmen inc. operates a tutor referral agency and develops a technology platform and app to pair tutors with clients.