Cultural Events in Los Angeles

Looking for some culture in LA?

Free cultural Events in Los Angeles for Students.

We believe in fostering a vibrant community of LA’s coolest language learners. The Strommen staff rent spaces and host fun cultural events for our students. We have so many amazing students that never have a chance to meet because they are often taking private classes, or are in separate groups. Over the years (since 2006) we have noticed that our students often form friendships because, well, they have similar interests, backgrounds, and goals. We’ve also noticed that the people that find and choose Strømmen to tend to be unique, exciting, and fun to hang out with. We realized that it would be amazing to create fun cultural events in Los Angeles, allowing us to connect, practice language, and enjoy the culture.


Upcoming Cultural Events in Los Angeles:

French New Wave Movie Night + Wine Tasting

Open to: All Strømmen students (Must have taken classes in the last year)

Date: TBD

Location: Outdoors Silver Lake



Past events:

2022 – Mexican Movie Night in Los Angeles (SilverLake)

Free screening of “Y Tu Mama Tambien.” Happy hour before film with Tequila and Cerveza – Plus free “Que Onda Guey” T Shirts for attendees. This Spanish language cultural event focused on Mexican slang. The film was incredible, a true classic.

2022 – Oktoberfest Celebration @ Red Lion in Silverlake

A few pitchers of Beer and food on us – Plus free “Supergeil” T Shirts for attendees.

Supergeil meaning
The Strømmen German teachers wearing Shirts that say Supergeil

2021 – Italian Movie Night

Free screening of “Cinema Paradiso” Happy hour before film with Vino- Plus free T Shirts for attendees.

Italian Movie Night Los Angeles