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Find out your level of Italian grammar, vocabulary, and even native level slang with this easy 15-minute Italian placement test. Use this test to make sure you are joining the correct group class or to assess your baseline level before starting private classes. Please note we also offer professional language testing services.

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Italian Level Test (CEFR)

Free 10-min Online Italian CEFR level Placement Test

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Category: Italian A1

Al ristorante dobbiamo ______ un tavolo.

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Category: Italian A1

Lei ____ Anna, _____ a Roma

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Category: Italian A1

“Di dove sei? Sei di Firenze” “No,____ di Firenze, sono di Milano”.

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Category: Italian A2

"Usciamo per prendere un aperitivo stasera?”_____

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Category: Italian A2

Scusami, ______ dirmi che ore sono?

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Category: Italian A2

“Non ti sento bene, _______ più forte!”

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Category: Italian B1

Quando sono arrivato a scuola, la lezione ______

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Category: Italian B1

La _______ pizza d’Italia si mangia a Napoli.

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Category: Italian B1

Uscirai con Elena stasera? Si __ uscirò, andremo al cinema.

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Category: Italian B2

______ avesse cucinato un bel piatto di spaghetti alla carbonara, i bambini avevano ancora fame.

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Category: Italian B2

Lo scorso fine settimana volevamo andare a Roma ma non ______, eravamo stanchi!

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Category: Italian B2

Erano preoccupati che la nonna ________, ancor prima dell’arrivo dell’inverno.

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Category: Italian C1

Il gelato ______ velocemente, altrimenti si scioglie.

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Category: Italian C1

Che la pizza non ____ facile da preparare, è un dato di fatto.

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Category: Italian C1

Quando _____ che lui era partito, gli ______ subito.

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Category: Italian C2

Dai! Andrà tutto bene! Ci sono io qui a _____!

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Category: Italian C2

"Nella valigia ho messo appena due camicie perché non me ne servono molte". Cosa significa APPENA in questa frase?

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Category: Italian C2

“Mancare di tatto” significa:

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Chinese level Test


A COMPLETE TEST. We don't just test Grammar, we also test Vocabulary and Slang.

 Test instructions:

  1. No Guessing! The results will not be accurate if you guess. Only answer questions you are sure of, otherwise skip.
  2. Answer What You Can: If the test gets to hard, you can click “Finish” to end the test
  3. Be honest: Make sure your answers are real to get the most out of the test.
  4. Be conscious of time: While you’re not limited in time, try not to overthink each answer. This will help you get a more precise result
  5. Read questions carefully: Don’t rush when you read the questions and make sure you understand them before answering
  6. Check your results: After the test, you’ll get an evaluation of your current level.