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Get fluent for your career, for love, or just to keep learning. 💪🏼💪💪🏿

Private Language CLASSES

Convenient and effective, our teacher is like a personal trainer for your language skills. Perfect for students of all levels. Online and In-person at outdoor locations. Discounted packages available.

Students taking language class in Los Angeles

Group Language CLASSES

A social way to master a new language. 8 week sessions, 1.5 hours per week. Small group size. Online or in person at outdoor locations. $227 Early bird rate.

online classes

Online Language CLASSES

Learn conveniently and safely from your own home. Group and private classes online from LA's highest rated language teachers. Discounted packages available.

Who We work with:

Lights, Camera, Azione!

(Pardon the name drop) Professionals like Christophe Waltz, Sir Patrick Stewart, Sasha Baron Cohen, Tom Hanks and  Keanu Reeves have trusted Strømmen for their preparation and performances.

Recent Testimonials

"I took Italian 1a and 1b with Garrett, and loved the class! His method of teaching and the setting made learning fun and interesting (I miss my classmates already too!) I'm hoping to visit Italy soon, and it helps that the class also taught more colloquial convos and the culture so that I don't go there and talk too formerly straight from the book."
Stephanie H.
"The Strømmen team is very quick to respond to emails and phone calls, and they are always so pleasant!! Their customer service is excellent. I am amazed at how much I have learned, how much my pronunciation has improved, and how much more confidence I have speaking Spanish in the time that we have been working together."
Courtney L.
"A bonafide French journalist to improve my writing skills in a second language - what more could you ask for? Felicien is a patient, kind teacher with a vast understanding of French grammar, and a variety of techniques and lessons to help you learn; targeted to your specific needs. Je m'amuses bien avec Felicien, et j'apprends beaucoup aussi."
Sabrina Y.


Every Year Strømmen Sponsors a Local Los Angeles Resident with an
English Second Language Scholarship.



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