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What do the LA Lakers, LA Galaxy, the LA Clippers have in common? 

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Strømmen Corporate Language Training and Language Services

In our globalized world, it is increasingly common for businesses to offer cultural training programs to their employees. Whether you are looking to improve communication between teams, expand globally, reach and understand new markets, Strommen is here to provide a training course that fits your budget and needs. An added advantage of choosing Strommen is that we can assist with all of your language needs. There is no need to bring on additional vendors for services like translation, interpreting, or testing.

Students taking Spanish language class in Los AngelesCASE STUDIES:

LA Opera: Strommen has worked closely with LA OPERA singers for over 10 years. LA Opera singers are able to choose any language, and develop those language skills to create more meaningful performances.

LA Galaxy: Our program with the LA Galaxy soccer team includes ESL classes for French and Spanish speaking players, level testing services, and French and Spanish classes for the the team management staff. Language is an essential part of the team’s success.

Netflix: Besides our work on numerous Netflix shows, we have helped executives and teams learn new languages (Spanish, Portuguese et al) to improve their work and communication with international teams.

Marvel: Besides our work on Marvel Film and TV sets, we have helped the cast and crew to learn ASL to better communicate on set.

LA Lakers: We helped teammates to better communicate by teaching players the Serbian language.

LA Clippers: Strommen provides Spanish instruction for the team executives to help with communication and team performance.

And many more corporate training programs covered by NDA.

Language Training Services:

  • Private Language and Cultural Training
  • Group Language and Cultural Training
  • Online Language and Cultural Training
  • Simulated Oral Proficiency Interview (SOPI)
  • Listening and Reading Skills Test
  • Writing Skills Test
  • Speaking Skills Test

Additional Services:

  • Interpreting
  • Translation
  • Consulting


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