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From the very beginning, we have built our company with tutors in mind. We listen and make changes to keep our tutors happy and successful. If you are passionate about teaching, we hope you contact us below.

Set your own tutoring rate, choose the hours you can tutor, and make money from anywhere in the world, meeting students online. We also facilitate in-person group and private language lessons locally. 




    Unlike the “big guys” we keep a smaller pool of tutors and you can set your rates as high as you want. We make no deduction from the rate you set.

    If you are a professional teacher looking for more clients, we want to hear from you. We are happy to say that we get the coolest students in the world. Seriously, our students are great. After a student selects your profile, we will help with the scheduling and only contract you with serious students.

Happy Language Tutors = Happy Students

The founder of the company’s father was the dean of a study abroad campus and his mother was a professor. Growing up in that academic setting makes him value professional teachers and tutors and the community. Strømmen wants to create a large platform that still holds true to its hyper-local philosophy and keeping tutors happy. 

While we do seek to grow, Strømmen will never be a place where our instructors have to work for free, or make $5 an hour. We want the best tutors. We want to scale our tutoring platform and are working towards adding the smallest additional fee to students as possible. 

Our students are, for lack of a better word, very cool! They are motivated individual learners, cool companies, professional sports teams, and even movie stars. We believe that happy teachers = happy students. We respect you as a professional, and make sure not to waste your time answering spam emails and notifications.

NOTE FOR CA and US Based Tutors – Additional compliance factors will be considered to determine eligibility to join our tutor referall agency

*Tutors must be in business for themselves and have all necessary licenses, proof of advertising to the public and previous / current tutoring experience. This is not an employment offer. Tutors set their own rates with no deduction, perform their services with no supervision and are in control of their own profit or loss. Strommen helps independent tutors to promote their services and offers a platform to manage payments. 

Become a Tutor and Language Teaching Jobs FAQ

Language teaching is a very rewarding career. For many students learning a foreign language is a life long goal. At Strommen you set your own rate and schedule, and have many opportunities to earn more than a standard hourly rate by leveraging our extensive marketing email list and offering a group class. As the teaching environment changes, it is important to align yourself with a great agency to be more competitive in the marketplace. We look forward to being your partner in your language teaching career.

If you have experience teaching you can become an international language teacher by listing your services on tutoring websites. Some websites have thousands of tutors and you have to compete with all of them. At Strommen we look for quality over quantity, which helps you as an international language tutor and our students. 

Yes, foreign language teaching jobs are in very high demand. Besides being a great language teacher you also have to be professional and self motivated. It may seem like you are swimming in an ocean of language teachers, but if you are a great, qualified language teacher then you are always in high demand at Strommen.

The more qualifications you have the better. For some companies (like italki) you don't need any. If you are looking for a language teaching job, ideally you should have a college degree (in the subject you are teaching is a plus), experience teaching language by yourself or at other agencies or language schools, and above all have a great personality.

At Strommen, we take a unique approach that sets us apart in the crowded field of language education. We deliberately maintain a smaller roster of tutors, ensuring that you don't get lost in a sea of competitors or feel the need to constantly undercut your prices to secure students. This strategy allows us to focus on quality over quantity, providing our tutors with a platform where their skills and expertise are truly valued. By joining our team, you won't be just another tutor competing on price; instead, you'll be part of a select group of professionals who are sought after for their exceptional teaching abilities and personal approach. Strommen's philosophy centers on creating a supportive environment where tutors can thrive without the pressure of competing on cost, enabling you to concentrate on delivering outstanding educational experiences. This approach not only benefits our tutors but also ensures our students receive the best possible instruction, fostering a community where everyone grows together.

  1. Expertise in Their Language: Proficiency in the language they teach is a must. This includes native speakers or those with a high level of fluency, along with a deep understanding of the language's nuances, grammar, and cultural context.

  2. Educational Background: A strong educational background in languages, linguistics, education, or related fields is highly regarded, though not always required.

  3. Teaching & tutoring Experience: Previous teaching experience, whether in a classroom, online, or in private settings, is highly valued. We look for tutors who have a proven track record of effective teaching strategies and student success. For CA and other US states it is required that you have tutored professionally for yourself or another agency.

  4. Passion for Teaching: Tutors who are enthusiastic about sharing their knowledge and genuinely interested in their students' learning journey make the best fit for Strommen. We seek individuals who are committed to making language learning an enjoyable and enriching experience.

  5. Interpersonal Skills: The ability to build rapport with students, understand their learning goals, and adapt teaching methods to meet their individual needs is crucial. We look for tutors who are patient, empathetic, and capable of inspiring their students.

  6. Professionalism: Reliability, punctuality, and a professional attitude towards scheduling, communication, and lesson planning are essential qualities for all Strommen tutors.

  7. Innovative Teaching Methods: We appreciate tutors who bring creativity and innovation to their teaching, using a variety of materials and techniques to engage students and make learning interactive and fun.

  8. Commitment to Continuous Improvement: Tutors who are open to feedback, willing to adapt, and continually seeking ways to improve their teaching methods and enhance their professional development are ideal candidates for our team.

Strommen values a diverse team of tutors who can cater to a wide range of students and learning styles, creating a vibrant community dedicated to language learning and cultural exchange.

Yes, creating a profile on Strommen is free for tutors. However, we understand that tutors have other expenses associated with their tutoring business, such as investing in a reliable computer, purchasing textbooks, dedicating time to create educational materials, and furthering their education to enhance their teaching skills. Strommen provides a platform that enables skilled language educators to connect with students looking for high-quality, personalized language learning experiences without the initial cost of joining. This setup allows tutors to focus on what they do best – teaching and inspiring students – while managing the inherent costs of providing top-notch educational services.

Our top tutors have earned over $60,000 USD per year! At Strommen, you set your rate, as we aim to create a platform that pays teachers fairly. In-person rates can go as high as $150-250 hourly, and earnings from our group classes often exceed $200 per hour. We are also committed to offering low-cost options to enrich our marketplace and allow people on a budget to learn languages.

Strommen is dedicated to fairly compensating our tutors for their expertise and dedication. By allowing tutors to set their rates, we ensure they can build a rewarding and sustainable tutoring practice with us, reflecting their qualifications and the current market demand. Whether you're leading individual sessions or group classes, our platform is designed to support your financial goals and professional growth.

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