Language Teacher Application for Language Teacher Jobs (Translators + Language Professionals Welcome)


Looking for language teaching and tutoring Jobs? – we are happy you found us! We are a language tutoring referral service and language services company that represents the very best language talent in the world. Together we are stronger. We want you to be successful. Our top tutor has earned over $300,000.  We do not want our tutors to compete on the basis of who has the lowest price (have you seen $5/hour language classes?) although we do like to keep different rates available to allow access to language learning to all people – we even offer some free classes. Our tutors make around $35/hour on average for online classes.

Strømmen is Los Angeles’ highest rated tutoring agency servicing a wonderful group of students and promoting an equally wonderful group of language tutors. Our students are motivated individual learners, cool companies, professional sports teams, and even movie stars. We believe that happy teachers = happy students. We respect you as a professional, and make sure not to waste your time answering spam emails and notifications. We also offer great incentives and believe in keeping things fully transparent. If you are a tutor looking for online language , consider applying below. Here is what you can expect:

1) Scheduled phone call with the CEO 

2) Trial lesson (where we get a sense of your teaching method and make sure you are a good fit)

3)  Paperwork, background check, other verifications.

4) Profile posted on Strommen platform

We aren’t just offering language teaching jobs, we are also looking for language consultants, interpreters and translators to be featured on our website and paired with our amazing clients. Strømmen is a tutor referral agency, but we are also so much more than that

We are a community of talented and dedicated individuals that share an international culture, a love of languages and teaching. Strømmen is constantly developing technology that allows tutors to focus on the most important thing: tutoring language. Strommen also develops free resources and videos for the local community and world. We also host foreign language events for our students, including movie nights outdoors. We have an annual promotion where we donate English tutoring to members of our community, making a huge difference in their lives. As a tutor at Strømmen you set your own rates, and have complete flexibility with your schedule and teaching style and curriculum. We welcome teaching styles of all kinds. Our job is to help you be successful and to help our students be successful by referring you and marketing you to the best students for you.

Please note:

If you are applying to be a tutor in California experience as a tutor is required. 

Language Teaching Jobs FAQ

Is language teaching a good career?

Language teaching is a very rewarding career. For many students learning a foreign language is a life long goal. At Strommen you set your own rate and schedule, and have many opportunities to earn more than a standard hourly rate by leveraging our extensive marketing email list and offering a group class. As the teaching environment changes, it is important to align yourself with a great agency to be more competitive in the marketplace. We look forward to being your partner in your language teaching career.

How do I become an international language teacher?

If you have experience teaching you can become an international language teacher by listing your services on tutoring websites. Some websites have thousands of tutors and you have to compete with all of them. At Strommen we look for quality over quantity, which helps you as an international language tutor and our students. 

Are foreign language teachers in demand?

Yes, foreign language teaching jobs are in very high demand. Besides being a great language teacher you also have to be professional and self motivated. It may seem like you are swimming in an ocean of language teachers, but if you are a great, qualified language teacher then you are always in high demand at Strommen.

What qualifications do you need to be a language teacher?

The more qualifications you have the better. For some companies (like italki) you don’t need any. If you are looking for a language teaching job, ideally you should have a college degree (in the subject you are teaching is a plus), experience teaching language by yourself or at other agencies or language schools, and above all have a great personality.