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 From 200,000 words per month, to just a few documents our translation clients can depend upon our expertise. Welcome to Strømmen’s translation Dept. Founded in Los Angeles in 2006, we have helped our clients to achieve their language goals. We are a boutique translation agency located in Los Angeles, with translators located around the world. 

Our services include free dedicated project managers, and our nearly 20 years of experience insure that we meet your expectations.

Translation Los Angeles @ Strømmen works with individuals, companies of all sizes, film & TV productions and government agencies. 

What are your Translation qualifications in Los Angeles?


We have experience with the most challenging translation demands and are able to step in and remove major headaches by assisting with all language needs. There is quite literally no language too obscure, volume too high, turn around too quick for our dedicated team at Strømmen. 

We believe in a global world and know the power that language can leverage. When you speak in another person’s language it creates an immediate bond, an appreciation and an understanding of a common culture. Strømmen’s expert translation department will ensure that your message remains true in any language, across any border, and in any culture. We maintain a team of native copywriters, translators and project managers to ensure that every nuance is preserved in the localized version.


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FAQ about Translation Los Angeles:

Do you localize / translate websites?

Yes, we work with companies of all sizes (including fortune 500 companies) to translate everything from Apps to websites. We understand the importance of transcreation, copy writing, SEO, UX/UI and are familiar with all translation technologies. 

Do you translate Visa Applications in Los Angeles for countries like Spain, Italy, or France?

Yes, we have years of experience translating visa application documents for many different countries. Some countries require special sworn translators and with our years of experience we will make sure you dont waste your money with the wrong translation.


How much does it cost to translate a birth certificate?

Legal document translations, including birth certificates, passports, marriage licenses, background checks and any other official documents are usually around $45 to translate plus the cost of any additional certifications you may need. It really comes down to how many words are on your document and the level of certification required. 

Do you provide transcription and subtitling services in Los Angeles?

Yes, we provide transcription and translation services for the film and TV industry around the world. We specialize in working on international docuseries transcription and translation.

What is the best agency for translation Los Angeles has to offer?

We value our reputation as much as you value a final product delivered on time and under budget. Trust us, we know that once you start working with us we will be your go-to translation agency in Los Angeles. 





Types of Documents Translated:

Translation Los Angeles – Common documents include things like Passports, Birth Certificates, Marriage Certificates, Background Checks, Bank Statements, FBI Clearances, Visa Applications, Drivers Licenses (and more).Document Services: Certified, Notarized, Apostille, Foreign Certification, Court Certified

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Please call 323 638 9787 so that we may provide expert consulting for your translation project or submit your file for a quote via email or fax (888)783-5578 and we will get back to you within 24 hours.

 Strommen translation services specialize in Translation and localization,  USCIS certified translationsTranslation for consulatesNotarized TranslationBook TranslationVideo Games and interpreting.

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         Translation Los Angeles:

    1. Certified Translation (USCIS, ATA)
    2. Transcription and translation services for post production
    3. Subtitling services
    4. Notarized – Notarized and certified translations
    5. Apostille Services – Nationwide apostille services
    6. Foreign Language Copywriting Services
    7. Foreign Language Dialect Coaching
    8. App Translation 
    9. Localization – Website, presentation, e-learning. Translation of any material for use in a foreign market.
    10. Book Translations – We have years of experience in the translation of creative works and large scale projects including scripts, books and articles.
    11. Video Games – We have translated and assisted in translation and localization of numerous high profile video games.
    12. Past Projects – A look at some of the exciting translation projects we have done in the past.
    13. Consulate Translations – Need a translation that adheres to Consulate guidelines? We can do that!
    14. Interpreting – We offer professional interpreting for dozens of languages.
    15. Court Certified – Strommen can assist you with translations for CA courts or nationwide.
    16. Email Marketing Translation