• Name: Othman M
  • Los Angeles Classes: French, Spanish
  • Locations: Online
  • About: Hi there! I’m passionate about foreign languages, and I want to share my experience and knowledge with my students! Originally from Paris, France, I had the chance to live in several countries including Argentina and Mexico (I currently live in Guadalajara, Mexico). I studied an MBA both in France and in Argentina and, I also trained large teams in big American companies such as Apple, Ford Motor Company or Groupon which allows me today to be very rigorous in my work. On the other hand, I have supported several students and helped them to improve their level of French and Spanish, according to their expectations and personal projects. Finally, I am also a student: I take Italian and Arabic private lessons because my dream would be to be fluent in at least 5 languages! For all these reasons I will be fully able to understand your needs, your difficulties and I would be happy to help you to achieve your expectations. I know that learning a language takes a lot of time and effort and sometimes it can discourage students. My job will be to make the lessons interesting, fun and structured in order to keep your motivation intact and make you achieve your dream of being fluent in one of these two languages!!! During the sessions we will have some fun and challenging tasks to help us reach your goal of speaking a new foreign language. We are going to work, play, learn hard and have fun in the process. I have high expectations for all of my students and I am committed to assisting them with the expectations required of the course! The format of our class will be highly structured and will provide students with the flexibility to choose amongst various projects and topics. In addition to regular projects and homework, I will be expecting all work assigned in class to be completed at home. Lastly, I love swimming, photography, aviation (I am about to get my PPL) and I am a huge fan of Roger Federer! I also enjoy travelling and eating French pastries! I look forward to meeting you soon!
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