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 Teaches: English Second Language, Spanish     Specialties: Colombian Spanish, Neutral South American Spanish, Spanish for Travel, Spanish Dialect Coaching, Spanish Interpreting and Translating, Spanish for VIPs

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¡Q'hubo! ¡Me llamo Andrea! I was born in the high plateau of the beautiful Andes Mountains in Bogotá, Colombia. I have a BA in Psychology and English from the University of Connecticut and I have also attended The Southern California School of Interpreting. I am an intuitive and dynamic instructor who feels it is important to cater to the idiosyncrasies of each individual and stylize the lessons according to each student’s' learning style. I am very passionate about the performing arts and enjoy a creative approach to teaching language such as through music, literature and role-playing according to need.

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Degrees and Certificates

  • Degrees: BA in Psychology and English from the University of Connecticut
  • Certications: BA in Psychology and English from the University of Connecticut

Enjoys Converstaions About

Acting,Dance,Playing musical instruments,Singing,Sports,Travel,Animal Rescue

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  • What is your favorite word in your language and why?

    Ojalá is a word used in a very coloquial manner by native Spanish speakers derived from Arabic meaning « hopefully » in english. The literal meaning comes directly from Arabic « Inch Allah » meaning if God wants it. I love this word because even most native speakers don’t even know that the word Allah is used so freely and openly. Which comes to show that we can cut through all religiosity with the utterance of one word.

  • What is your favorite dish from your hometown? If you no longer live there is there a good local restaurant that serves it?

    Arepas are my favourite dish from my hometown of Bogotá, Colombia because of the beautiful and cherished memories this simple meal brings forth every time I eat them. Arepas are a simple corn flour griddle cake filled with cheese and cooked on a stove and eaten with a hot chocolate beverage "chocolate caliente." This is usually a breakfast dish, but in reality it can be eaten at anytime. My family in Colombia often eats it for dinner as well. The literal translation into english are « griddle cakes » but nowadays arepas are gaining popularity and can be found everywhere. The restaurant, Escala, in Koreatown, Los Angeles is a Korean Colombian fusion that has very unique versions of the famous arepa! In New York, there is a plethora of Colombian restaurants with arepas of all kinds!

  • Besides the languages you teach, do you speak or study any other languages?

    Yes, I am fluent french speaker and am learning Italian. My goal is to speak at least 5 languages.

  • What are your interests outside of teaching at Strommen?

    I am also a singer and performing artist so I have a deep interest for music and the performing arts in general. I have studied the classical vocal technique and composed original music. As of late, I lead sound meditation experiences in cathedrals and eclectic venues worldwide utilizing ancient and modern instruments as well as singing mantras and sacred songs to help people attain a deep level of peace and relaxation through the power of music and frequency. I often sing in Sanskrit, Armenian, Spanish, French, Italian and my own made-up language!

  • What do you consider your hometown? Why do you love it?

    Bogotá, Colombia is my hometown; it is where is I was born and have my first memories as a young child. I love the microclimates, and the topography. There are a range of different « cierros » or overlooks that create important landmarks, each of them have their own individual culture and atmosphere. Also, in a 1 hour time frame, you can enjoy a hot and tropical climate since Bogotá is a cooler, rainier climate. In Colombia we call Bogotá « La Nevera » meaning refrigerator because of it’s cooler climate. I love the juxtaposition of the colonial beauty with an amazonian flair!

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