Javier F    Expert Spanish teacher originally from Spain, but living in the Dominican Republic

  • Santo Domingo, Santiago
 13 years experience
 Teaches: Spanish     Specialties: Dominican Spanish, Castellano (Spain)

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Hola, my name is Javier, from Spain España. For me the Spanish language with its idiomatic expressions, peculiar pronunciation and hispanic culture is totally normal because I was born in Córdoba, a region situated in the south of Spain. With Spanish as my native and original language I have helped other people for years to learn and improve my own language. Also I have been working as a writer, editor, translator in and to my native tongue. From 2009 I have been living in Dominican Republic, learning the culture and trying to help them as a teacher, working in their writing, oral expression and comphrension, and reading. With this experience and loving teaching, I decided to also teach online. I love teaching my Spanish from Spain and I am ready to share my native knowledge with people who appreciate the most widely spoken language in the world.

Degrees and Certificates

  • Degrees: 1) Bachelor degree 2) FP Spain 3) ESP (3 times) 4) EER 24 (RD) - 2017

Enjoys Converstaions About

Creative writing,Foreign language learning,Reading,Sports,Travel,Volunteer Work,Tennis,soccer

Learn more about Javier

  • What is your favorite word in your language and why?

    Empatía - Empathy It is what makes us real humans.

  • What is your favorite dish from your hometown? If you no longer live there is there a good local restaurant that serves it?

    Paella, salmorejo y jamón español. Montilla Moriles (Córdoba - Spain)

  • Besides the languages you teach, do you speak or study any other languages?

    Yes! English and Haitian Creole.

  • What are your interests outside of teaching at Strommen?

    Helping people, travelling and knowing different cultures.

  • What do you consider your hometown? Why do you love it?

    North part of Dominican Republic, where I spent the best part of my life, since 2009. Beautiful country, beautiful people.

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Jul 15 - Jul 21, 2024