A otro perro con ese hueso!

“¡A otro perro con ese hueso!”- Spanish Idiom

What does “¡A otro perro con ese hueso!” mean in English?

A otro perro con ese hueso!

This expression directly translates as “To another dog with that bone!”

This Spanish idiom is used to say “You can’t fool me”, or “Go tell that to somebody else.”

The English equivalent is “Tell it to the marines.”

Examples of “¡A otro perro con ese hueso!” being used :

A: Buenos días, señor, “Tengo el gusto de comunicarle que usted puede ser ganador de un millón de pesos.”

B: ¿Cómo?

A: Es muy sencillo. Cuando usted compre este magnífico juego de enciclopedias, incluimos su nombre en nuestro gran sorteo para ganar un millón de pesos. Sólo tiene que firmar…

B:¡A otro perro con ese hueso! No me va a engañar con ese truco. No necesito enciclopedias. Buenos días

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What is an idiomatic expression anyway?
It is a phrase that, when translated directly, doesn’t make sense in another language. For example “this project is coming down to the wire.” Translated into another language directly that would make no sense. This example comes from TV shows where people have a timer running and they have to cut the correct wire on the bomb. These expressions take on a new meaning for us. “down to the wire” means “last minute.” By contrast, “last minute” is not an idiomatic expression – if you translate it directly into a foreign language it will make perfect sense,”down to the wire” will not. Every language has idiomatic expressions, and some may argue that these are the expressions that REALLY make the language unique. Just memorizing vocabulary will not help you to learn these, you need to learn all of the idiomatic expressions.



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