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Fun German False Cognates

German can kind of sound like English. When a word sounds like another language and has the same meaning it is called a cognate. The opposite can sometimes be true and yoyo need to be careful!

Watch our video below to learn some False cognates.

Hallo, mein Name ist Isabella and…
German is probably not the most romantic language, but it definitely is a fun one to learn and here are some examples:

German False Cognates
German False Cognates

in German means advice and has nothing to do with the animal…
Could you please give me some rat??!

Another word with “Rat” is Rathaus
Sounds like rat house but it’s not made out of cheese and no rats live inside.
It actually means: city hall or town hall

Never give a gift to a German – because that means poison!!

has nothing to do with a fine spray of water or perfume.
So ein Mist! „What a bummer!“

sounds more like meat wagon, but actually means rental car.

That’s all for today. See you soon in class!



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