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Our British Accent dialect coaches and translation dept. will ensure that the British Accent in your project is perfect. We have experience working with productions of all sizes. We typically translate the script (with options for writers if needed), check previous translations, record audio files for the actors, schedule prep sessions (remote or in person) act as an agent for a team of British Accent on-set dialect coaches. If you are interested in having Strømmen assist you with your language needs, please do not hesitate to contact us. 

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Partial Resume of Past British Accent dialect coaching projects

  • Pretty Little Liars (2016) British Accent Dialect Coaching
  • Castle (TV Series) Dialect Coach Mandarin 1 episode,  Korean Dialect Coaching, Geordie Accent Dialect coaching, French Dialect Coaching (for Nathan Fillion) (Dialect Coaching and Translation) Video Clip 

Full Resume


British Accents

English spoken in Great Britain is comprised of a large variety of regional dialects that have a long and rich cultural history. The differences are less based on the structure of the underlying rules and more to do with pronunciation and vocabulary use. Below are the main groupings based primarily on geographical distribution:

  • Southern
    • Queen’s English aka Oxford or BBC English
    • Cockney
    • Estuary English accent
    • Kettering accent
    • East Midlands accent
    • East Anglican accent
  • Northern accents
    • Cumbria
    • Northumbrian
    • Yorkshire
    • Historic Lancashire
    • Scouse (Liverpool)
  • Scottish accents
  • Welsh accent
    • Cardiff
    • North Wales
    • South Wales
  • Irish accent
  • Isle of Man

British Accented English:

Nothing is worse than a bad British accent unless that is what you are trying to do of course. We help actors and projects to create the perfect British-accented English performances. Read about our process here and why it is so important to have a dialect coach for accented English performances.