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Our Portuguese dialect coaches and translation dept. will ensure that the Portuguese in your project is perfect. We have experience working with productions of all sizes. We typically translate the script (with options for writers if needed), check previous translations, record audio files for the actors, schedule prep sessions (remote or in person) act as an agent for a team of Portuguese on-set dialect coaches. If you are interested in having Strømmen assist you with your language needs, please do not hesitate to contact us. 

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Partial Resume of Past Portuguese dialect coaching projects

  • The Religion of Sports (2022) – Transcription, Translation and Consulting Services (Portuguese, Spanish, French)
  • Seal Team (TV) (2017) ASL (American Sign Language), Pashto, Dari, Ukrainian, Russian, Syrian Arabic, Estonian, Portuguese, Pashto, Spanish, Tagalog, Serbian, Neur, Bosnian, Polish translation, dialect coaching and quality control
  • Chef’s Table Season 3 (2017) – Portuguese, French, Japanese, Korean, German, Spanish and Russian Time – coded Transcription, translation and quality control
  • Criminal Minds (2016) – French, German Dialect Coaching and Translation Portuguese, Danish, Japanese, Russian, Mandarin, Arabic, Urdu Translation

Full Resume


The Portuguese Dialects

Portuguese as a language is divided primarily into regional groupings. There are two main varieties in Europe, divided roughly in terms of the northern and Southern halves of Portugal, with a distinct variety that is centered around the town of Barrancos, called Barranquenho. Outside Europe, there are the Barzilian and African dialects. Below is a partial list of the various dialects:

  • Europe
    • Southern and Central dialects
      • Alentejano
      • Algarvio
      • Baixo-Beirão, Alto-Alentejano
      • Estremenho
    • Northern Dialects
      • Alto-Minhoto
      • Beirão
      • Transmontano
    • Insular
      • Açoriano
      • Madeirense
  • South America (Brazil)
    • Northern dialects
      • North Eastern
      • Northern
    • Central
      • Mineiro
      • Sertanejo
      • Brasiliense
    • Southern dialects
      • Sulista
      • Gaúcho
      • Florianopolitan
  • Africa
    • Angolan Portuguese
      • Benguelense
      • Luandense
      • Sulista
    • CapeVerdean Portuguese
    • Guinean Portuguese
    • Mozambican Portuguese
    • São Tomean Portuguese
  • Asia and Oceania
    • Indo-Portuguese
    • East Timorese Portuguese
    • Goan Portuguese
    • Macanese Portuguese
    • Kristang Portuguese

Portuguese Accented English:

Nothing is worse than a bad Portuguese accent unless that is what you are trying to do of course. We help actors and projects to create the perfect Portuguese-accented English performances. Read about our process here and why it is so important to have a dialect coach for accented English performances.