At Strommen, we have a track record of delivering even the most complex of projects on schedule and within budget. We have over 10 years of experience proving language services for the entertainment industry and welcome the opportunity to work with your production. Please check our partial resume here.

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At our translation and transcription company, we provide accurate and efficient services for these and many other languages. We use timecodes to ensure that our transcriptions are precise and aligned with the audio or video content, making it easier for you to review and work with the material. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you with your translation and transcription needs.

We have strict guidelines for our transcription and translation work onto time-code that will ensure your editors have no problems. Our experienced team will review all files and ensure that they are completed above your expectations.

Our rates vary depending on volume (how many hours), timeline (do you need it within 24-72 hours), and language. At Strommen you will always get high-quality translations, done by a team of Strommen’s professional translators and reviewed by our office with a fast turnaround. The quality of our work will save you money down the line as there will not be as much need for quality control on the rough cuts. For help with your rough cut, we can also provide quality control services. *We will match any transcription quote from all California translation agencies.  Simply provide us with a written proposal from any other translation agency, and we will beat that quote. We will offer better rates and better quality for your transcription job. Contact us today, and rest assured that you will receive exceptional language services at the most competitive rates in the translation industry.

Transcription and Translation Services onto Timecode in Los AngelesBelow is a list of languages for which we offer Transcription and Translation Services onto time-code in Los Angeles:

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