Strommen Teacher Spotlight – Danny

Danny is a comedian, a musician, and an Amazing Spanish Teacher with Strommen.

comedian-dannyOur teachers are the best and they deserve to be highlighted. In our new section, Strommen Teacher Spotlights, we will ask our best teachers a few fun questions and  let them take it away from there.

Where are you from and where have you lived?

Danny: I was born and raised in Madrid, Spain. I´ve also lived in Barcelona and Northern California.

You are one of Strommen’s most popular Language teachers. Students tell us how awesome you are all the time. Why do you think that is?

Danny: Wow I am honored! I guess it´s hard for me to explain why I am apparently awesome haha. My only guess would be that students seem comfortable with me and appreciate my enthusiasm for teaching. I am lucky to have students from all walks of life which allows me to learn from them because in my effort to make them speak they really open up about their life.

What languages do you speak? What languages do you teach?

Danny: I speak and teach Spanish — and I speak English, of course.















What do you miss most about your home town?

Danny: What I miss the most is watching Futbol Champions League games with friends in tapa bars!

What is the coolest job you had with Strommen? 

Danny: With Strommen on occasion I´ve done other things besides teaching one-on-one, like groups, translations, etc but I still consider the one-on-one classes the most rewarding job. As I said earlier, I learn as much from my students as they do from me, if not more.

What are your interests outside of teaching at Strommen?

Danny: Acting, improv comedy, guitar, rock and roll!

What is the best restaurant from your home country in LA? What should we order?

Danny: Go to La Paella in Mid city. Besides the obvious Paella order the Octopus if you like seafood. If not, a nice Manchego cheese with Spanish olives and some Sangría always does the trick 🙂

How do you stay connected to your home country in LA?

Danny: Nowadays is easy: Skype, Whatsap… thank God for technology!

Any advice for beginners to your language?

Danny: I would say, find a teacher that speaks to you and gets you excited about the language. Don´t settle. Once you do, learn to joke around!

Why did you start teaching? 

Danny: I come from a family of teachers and what started as a part time opportunity has become one of my passions.

What did you do before teaching?

Danny: Funny enough when I lived in Madrid I used to teach English so I guess it was a natural transition.

Do you like working with Strommen? Why?

Danny: I hate it please don’t publish this! haha I am joking, obviously. I love working with Strommen because they do a great job at pairing up the best teacher for every student and vice versa. They also provide a great working atmosphere. Every one in the office is just so kind and cool.

What is your favorite thing about teaching your language specifically?

Danny: I love explaining a concept like for instance the difference between Ser and Estar or Por and Para and seeing the look on the students face when after many years of high school or college Spanish they get it!

¡Gracias Danny! 



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