The Ten Worst Airports in the World (Jalopnik)

The Ten Worst Airports In The World

It’s okay to complain about airports. Between the TSA, the incomprehensible terminal layouts, and the bored staff behind the counter, they often suck. According to Jalopnik readers, these ten airports seem to be the biggest pain in the ass.P

10.) Newark Liberty International AirportP

The Ten Worst Airports In The World

Going through security twice? No thanks, says themanwithsauce😛

Newark has three terminals, none of which are connected. So you have to take a bus to get from terminal to terminal or you have to go through security AGAIN. Think about that for a second — an airport so backasswardsly designed that it needs a public transport system just to function as an airport….

And oh, by the way, every flight is delayed and if the terminal changes on your flight, you could find yourself going from having a comfortable buffer for your meal to scrambling to pay for your half eaten sandwich to try and make it on time and hope that the next shuttle bus isn’t full.P

Suggested By: themanwithsaucePhoto Credit: Dan BockP

9.) Kansas City International AirportP

The Ten Worst Airports In The World

Superman might like flying to Kansas, but SaabLife certainly doesn’t:P

In my line of work I use to fly around more than you can imagine. Of all the airports in all of my travels, I would have to say that Kansas City International Airport is probably one of the worst airports I’ve ever been to.

Multiple airplanes unloading passengers who need to use the restroom! WELL NO WORRIES! We have two whole functioning bathrooms (with two stalls per bathroom) for the lot of you on the concourse! Enjoy that 20 minute wait! Hope they don’t close them for cleaning for the 10th time in 30 minutes, right as your about to walk in!

Need to charge your phone or laptop? If you get a good running start you should be able to tackle your way through the mass of people waiting to use one of the few wall outlets, lodged between the “metal in your back” seats and the concrete walls.P

Seven hours is a long time.P

Suggested By: SaabLifePhoto Credit: FHKEP

8.) Honolulu International AirportP

The Ten Worst Airports In The World

There are two arguments when it comes to Honolulu International. The first goes like this according to victor😛

I always thought LAX was the worst airport, until i went to HNL. HNL is nastier than some airports I’ve seen in 3rd world Africa, the Middle East and Asia.P

Suggested By: victorPhoto Credit: prud_deP

7.) Los Angeles International AirportP

The Ten Worst Airports In The World

Many of you have problems with LAX. KSP_ALEX has three to start with:P

1) Traffic – LA is known for its traffic. Getting to LAX from anywhere except for El Segundo is just about the worst commute in the world. Things just back up and traffic piles up so easily in the area. There is no turn off from this terminal. You can pick someone up at Terminal 1 and still find yourself in an hour of traffic passing through 2-6 to get out on the other side

2) Infrastructure is terrible, outdated, dirty, disguising, and bland. Arriving back at LAX is never a welcoming site. I always feel like one of the ceilings pieces is going to knock me over as i wait in the underground (no cell coverage) customs area

3) Least friendly airport staff in the world – and most uneducated.P

Well, you should grab a beer with DIRTEE30Grand Moff Talkin’ and SethSend your action plan to LAX afterwards.

Suggested By: KSP_ALEXPhoto Credit: brewbooksP

6.) Philadelphia International AirportP

The Ten Worst Airports In The World

Trunk Impaired 318 calls it “an absolute clusterfuck“, and others back him up on that. Resident Jalop Stig-a-saw-us wrecks recommends terminal F if you want to leave with a smile on your face.P

Suggested By: Trunk Impaired 318Photo Credit: CBP PhotographyP

5.) São Paulo International Airport 

The Ten Worst Airports In The World

Bob Sacamano believes this Brazilian airport makes Americans look good:P

I have to say Sao Paulo. Let’s just say flying from Newark to GRU made Newark look like a nice airport…. Let me repeat, GRU made Newark look nice. If you need more info than I’ve provided, please fly into GRU.P

I’ll pass.P

Suggested By: Bob SacamanoPhoto Credit: Jorge in BrazilP

4.) LaGuardia AirportP

The Ten Worst Airports In The World

Tell the Scramblerone good thing about New York’s finest:

It sucks to get to. It sucks to get around once you get there. The parking is ridiculously expensive. Half the return flights end up at JFK. You have to drive too close to Citi Field and get the Mets’ stank on you. There is no subway or train service to it. Tell me one good thing about LGA!P

Suggested By: The Scrambler says it can be donePhoto Credit: NouhaillerP

3.) Atlanta International AirportP

The Ten Worst Airports In The WorldDuke Maxyenko lost his iPod there, and he has a suspect:P

Those security fucks stole my iPod from my luggage.P

My X-type is too a real Jaguar knows where it went:P

The Pawn Shops in Forest Park and College Park have the best stuff in the city.P

Suggested By: Arch Duke Maxyenko, Great JobPhoto Credit: redlagsfan21P

2.) Charles de Gaulle Airport, ParisP

The Ten Worst Airports In The World

I don’t care about the architecture. The people there know English, but they won’t use it. The worst airport in Europe, unacceptable on every level.4P


CDG seems to be deliberately organized to make you stand for 2 hours in pointless queues whilst half the officials are talking to their friends instead of shortening the queue; then get signposted down an incredibly long corridor to be met at the far end by a surly staff member saying “no, this corridor is closed”.

You pay €10 for a laughable simulation of a caffeinated beverage; spend so long on taxiing & busing to/from remote stands that you’ll swear the remote stand is halfway to your ultimate destination; and sooner or later you’ll have to find a comfortable way of lying on the floor because there’s no actual seating. There is a bonus chance of being delayed by unnecessary industrial action.P

Suggested By: DSC offPhoto Credit: chloesterP

1.) Murtala Muhammed International Airport, NigeriaP

The Ten Worst Airports In The World

We can complain about American or French airports all we want, nothing beats Africa when it comes to total chaos:P

You get off, first thing you realize…there’s no AC. Walked through immigration, they didn’t stamp my visa, fortunately our company point of contact was there to fix that, if that didn’t happen it would of been a nightmare to get out of there.

We have a few boxes full of binders for training engineers. Well, customs saw the boxes declared it is for advertisement of a Non-local equipment, therefore we should pay taxes. Again, our POC managed to stop that from happening.

Leaving was great, especially when you are riding in a sweet new Land Cruiser with a Toyato Helix at front with two guys carrying AKs and blasting the siren allowing us to blast to our hotel at 140 km/hr.

Most surreal moment of that trip, while we blast through the chaos of what is Lagos, inside in our cushy Land Cruiser our driver is jamming to the sweet sounds of Kenny G. Probably because racecar.P

Suggested By: BenoWRXPhoto Credit: afromusingP

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