Spanish Lullabies

The Best Spanish Lullabies And Nursery Rhymes

In the rich tapestry of lullabies that cradle the dreams of children around the world, Spanish lullabies hold a special place. 

These melodious treasures, infused with the warmth of Hispanic culture, have been soothing little ones for generations. Join us on a delightful journey as we explore the enchanting world of Spanish lullabies and nursery rhymes, each carrying a story and melody that transcends time and borders.

5 Best Spanish Lullabies and Nursery Rhymes

Duérmete Mi Niño

Hailing from Spain, “Duérmete mi niño” translates to “Sleep, my child.” This timeless lullaby has been whispered by generations of Spanish-speaking parents as they gently rock their little ones to sleep. Its sweet and simple melody creates a serene atmosphere, fostering a sense of security and comfort.

Spanish English
duérmete mi niño

duérmete mi amor

duérmete pedazo

de mi corazón

si este niño lindo

se quiere dormir

su mamita buena

se pondrá feliz

duérmete mi niño

duérmete mi amor

duérmete pedazo

de mi corazón

Go to sleep, my little boy
Go to sleep, my love
Go to sleep, little piece
of my heart

If this beautiful boy
Wants to sleep
His good mother
Will be happy

Go to sleep, my little boy

Go to sleep, my love

Go to sleep, little piece

of my heart

Pin Pon

Straight from the vibrant musical landscape of Latin America, “Pin Pon” is a beloved nursery rhyme that originated in Mexico. This catchy tune introduces children to the playful character of Pin Pon, a whimsical doll who embarks on various adventures. 

The song’s lively rhythm and engaging lyrics make it a favorite among young audiences.

Spanish English
Pin Pon es un muñeco muy guapo de cartón,
Se lava su carita con agua y con jabón.

Se desenreda el pelo con peine de marfil,
y aunque se da estirones no llora ni hace así.

Cuando le dan la sopa no ensucia el delantal
Pues come con cuidado parece un colegial

Apenas las estrellas comienzan a salir
Pin Pon se va a la cama y se acuesta a dormir

Pin Pon dame la mano con un fuerte apretón,
Pues quiero ser tu amigo, Pin Pon, Pin Pon, Pin Pon

Pin Pon is a doll very handsome made of cardboard
He washes his face with water and soap

When he combs his hair with a comb of ivory
And even though he pulls his hair he doesn’t cry nor go like this.

When he’s given soup he doesn’t stain his bib.
He eats so carefully he looks like a school boy.

When the stars in the sky start to come out
Pin Pon goes to bed and goes to sleep.

Pin Pon give me your hand with a strong squeeze
Because I want to be your friend, Pin Pon, Pin Pon, Pin Pon


“Estrellita,” meaning “Little Star” in Spanish, is a tender lullaby that originated in Mexico. The lyrics express the affection of a parent or caregiver, comparing the child to a precious little star. 

Its gentle melody and heartfelt lyrics have made it a cherished bedtime tradition in many Spanish-speaking households.

Spanish English
Estrellita, ¿dónde estás?

Quiero verte cintilar

en el cielo, sobre el mar.

Un diamante de verdad.

Estrellita, ¿dónde estás?

Quiero verte cintilar.

Little star, where are you?
I want to see you shine
in the sky, over the sea;
a real diamond.
Little star, where are you?

I want to see you shine.

Los Pollitos Dicen Pío, Pío, Pío

Rooted in the folk traditions of Latin America, “Los Pollitos Dicen Pío, Pío, Pío” is a delightful nursery rhyme that tells the story of little chicks chirping under their mother’s care. 

This endearing tune teaches children about the nurturing bond between parent and offspring, set to a cheerful melody that captivates young hearts.

Spanish English
Los pollitos dicen

Pio Pio Pio

Cuando tienen hambre

Cuando tienen frío

La gallina busca

El maíz y el trigo

Les da la comida

y les presta abrigo

Bajo sus dos alas


Duermen los pollitos

Hasta el otro día

Cuando se despiertan

Dicen mamacita

Tengo mucha hambre

Dame lombricitas

The chicks say

pio pio pio

When they are hungry

When they are cold

The hen looks for

the corn and the wheat

gives them the food

and gives them shelter

Under her two wings


The chicks sleep

Until next day

When they wake up

They say mommy

I am very hungry

Give me little worms

La Lechuza

“La Lechuza” is a captivating Spanish lullaby that traces its origins to various Spanish-speaking regions. The song introduces the nocturnal world of owls, captivating children with its mysterious and rhythmic melody. As the tale unfolds, the soothing lyrics create a calming ambiance, perfect for lulling little ones into a peaceful slumber.

Spanish English
La lechuza,

la lechuza,

hace shhhhhh

hace shhhhhh.

Hágamos silencio,

como la lechuza,

que hace shhhhhhh,

que hace shhhhhhh.

The barn owl,

The barn owl,

Goes shhhhhhh

Goes shhhhhhh

Let’s be in silence

Like the barn owl,

Who goes shhhhhh,

Who goes shhhhhh.

Sing These Lullabies In Spanish!

The tender lyrics and soothing tunes create a universal language of love and comfort that transcends geographical boundaries.

So, the next time you find yourself humming a familiar tune to ease a little one into dreamland, remember the rich tapestry of Spanish lullabies and nursery rhymes. In these songs, you’ll discover not only the beauty of the Spanish language, but also the timeless stories and traditions that have been woven into the fabric of childhood for countless years. ¡Buenas noches! (Goodnight!)

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