Things To Do in Mexico City

Things to do in Mexico City – tips a local: The best coffee, bars, restaurants, markets, and art galleries in Mexico City

This list of things to do in Mexico City came from one of our students that is from Mexico City. So if you are looking for the best coffee in Mexico City, the best breakfast or even things to avoid. Check out our list from a local below.



Things to do/see:


  • Frida Kahlo Museum – I’d make this a requirement, it’s incredible. Book in advance! The website my Chase Visa (my mom had to book it for me on her Bank of America Visa)
  • Centro Historico – easy to walk around, we did this on our first day to adjust to the altitude:
    • Templo Mayor
    • Palacio de Bellas Artes
    • Alameda
    • Metropolitan Cathedral
    • Palacio Nacional/Diego Rivera murals – would recommend getting here early, there’s always a line. Since it’s a government building, they’ll take your license/ID when you enter and give it back when you leave. **This was one of my favorite things in CDMX
  •  Xochimilco:
  • Lucha Libre – super fun and entertaining, good evening activity. The area it’s in (Doctores) is not safe, definitely Uber there and back
  • Anthropology Museum – really cool building and informative about Mexico’s history. Would suggest going early if this is something you want to do, lines get pretty long
  • Castillo/Parque de Chapultepec – park is huge and great to walk around in. The Castle is gorgeous and is the Museum of Natural History. Wear comfortable shoes if you go, as it’s a hike to get to the top
  • Ballet Folklorico – this was another one of my favorite things in CDMX, good evening/pre-dinner activity
  • Teotihuacan – this is a full day trip so might be better for a longer visit, definitely worthwhile though!


1. The Most Interesting Neighborhoods to explore in Mexico City

  • Roma Norte
  • Condesa
  • Polanco (posh)
  • Juarez
  • Centro Historico
  • Coyoacan

2. The Best Breakfast in Mexico City

3. The Best Coffee in Mexico City

Coffee is a hard subject in Mexico. Didn’t find extraordinary cups. However :
  • Aura (Juarez) : run by my friends Diego who used to live in Paris for a while. Actually, probably the best cup. Cool area to explore
  • Blom café (Juarez) : good coffee too
  • Chiquitito Café (there’s a few across MC) : solid option

4. The Best Cafés in Mexico City

  • Café Nin (Juarez) : same owners as Panaderia and Rosetta. Solid option for brunch
  • Cicatriz Café (Juarez) : Run by New Yorkers. Cool vibe. Breakfast, brunch, early night drinks, does it all.
  • El Moro – Famous Churreria. Watch the staff pipe churros and fry them freshly in front of you before cutting and tossing in plain or cinnamon sugar. Several locations.

5. Restaurants in Mexico City We highly recommend:

  • Lardo (Condesa) : great food, great vibe. I only went for breakfast
  • Rosetta (Roma Norte) : famous italian restaurant, same owner as Lardo
  • Pujol (Polanco) no meat
  • Quintonil (Polanco) best margarita EVER!!!!
  • Orinoco (in between Roma Norte y Condesa) : just the best taqueria. Get “chicharon” tacos! Get everything, with extra cheese and avo and potatoes on the taco! Michael and I are here 3x that’s how good the tacos were
  • Contramar (Roma Norte) : famous fresh sea food. Order “Tostados de atún“. Go for lunch. Go at 12pm on a sunday. No reservations needed (although you can also book). Choose to be seated outside. And then witness all the reservations coming at 1pm. It’s a dance of waiters.
  • Maximo: caramelized onions with black truffle

6. Restaurants that were ok despite coming highly recommended.

  • Meroma : supposed to be good. Was unimpressed. But a great place to grab a margarita mid day

7. Restaurants we didn’t go to but heard good things:

  • Blanco Colima (Roma Norte)
  • San Angel Inn – go here after the Frida Kahlo Museum, if you can. Feels like Old Mexico and food is really good
  • El Moro Churrería – these are all over the city and are DELICIOUS churros. Go after dinner or for a snack.
  • Lur (Polanco)
  • Azúl Historico – Famous modern restaurant recommended by Monica Patino. The chef is called Ricardo Muñoz SuritaCalle Isabel la Católica #30, Centro06000 CuauhtémocCDMX, Mexico.
  • Bar el Sella – I am told this is a must try cantina. Order “Chamorro”.  Dr. Balmis 210, Doctores, 06720 Ciudad de MéxicoCDMX, Mexico
  • La Taberna del Leon – Restaurant owned by monica Patino. She recommends to order “Tostadas” and “Sopa Frijol”. Antonio Plaza, Altamirano 46, Canadá 2a. Sección, 01090 Ciudad de MéxicoCDMX, Mexico
  • Delirio – Another of Monica Patino’s restaurants. Int he same building as Casa Vigginia (see above). Monterrey 116, Roma Nte., 06700 Ciudad de MéxicoCDMX, Mexico.
  • Tacos Alvaro Obregón – A colourful taqueria. Order “Taco al Pastor” (Taco filled with Pork cooked on a spit, fresh pineapple, red onion and coriander)  and “Taco Cabeza” (A taco filled with meat from the head of a cow” Av. Álvaro Obregón 90, Roma Nte., 06700 Ciudad de MéxicoCDMX, Mexico.
  • El Parnita – A cool taco restaurant with a modern hipster vibe. Great tacos and tortas.. Open for lunch. Av. Yucatan 84, Roma Nte., 06700 Ciudad de MéxicoCDMX, Mexico.
  • Paramo – A large restaurant upstairs over Partita. Serves mainly tacos and drinks. Great atmosphere. Only open at night. Av. Yucatan 84, Roma Nte., 06700 Ciudad de MéxicoCDMX, Mexico.
  • Casa Virginia – Monica Patino’s upscale restaurant. Beautiful dining room and good cocktail bar. The food is mainly mexican but with some fusion. Beautiful place for a relaxed afternoon comidaMonterrey 116, Roma Nte., 06700 DFCDMX, Mexico.
  • Tacos Hola – Great hole in the wall to get Tacos in Condesa. Lots of Cazuelas full of delicious taco fillings, make sure to have agua fresca too.  Amsterdam 135, Hipódromo, 06100 Ciudad de MéxicoCDMX.
  • Beatricitia – This is a lovely daytime restaurant near the Angel of independence, run by women serving traditional dishes with good homemade flavours. You can see the ladies pressing fresh tortillas to serve with each dish. Londres 190, Juárez, 06600 Ciudad de MéxicoCDMX, Mexico.
  • Fonda Fina – Well executed food and cocktails. Dishes are well presented and have excellent flavour. The tortill

8. Best Markets in Mexico City:

  • la Merced ⚡️
  • Mercado el 100 
  • Mercado San Juan 
  • Tapito

9. Best Museums in Mexico City:

  • Frida Kahlo house / casa azul ⚡️
  • Palacio de bellas Artes
  • Anthropological museum 
  • Luis Barragan house / studio
  • Diego Rivera mural museum 

10. The Best Art galleries in Mexico City :

  • House of Gaga
  • KuriManzutto
  • Lodos projects 
  • Lulu
  • OMR

10. The Best Shopping in Mexico City :

  • Utilitario Mexicano ⚡️
  • Onora

11. The Best Bars in Mexico City

  • Tachinomi Desu : cool sake bar. Worth checking out. Standing only
  • Tokyo Music Bar : right on top of Tachinomi. Cool music, seated bar. Good cocktails.
  • Xaman Bar (Juarez) : hip bar.
  • Loup (Roma North) : natural wine bar
  • Parker & Lenox (Juarez) : Jaz Bar
  • Casa Franca : Cool bar, good atmosphere, feels like in an apartment. Very jazzy.
  • MN Roy : didn’t go, supposed to be more “exclusive”
  • Bar Oriente
  • La Clandestina – super cute, unlabeled, speakeasy-esque bar in La Condesa, great for pre-dinner drinks. They have a mezcal avocado cocktail that I have dreams about

12. Other things to do in Mexico City :

  • Luis Barragan house (must book a visit, at least a month in advance I’d say)
  • Casa Gilardi (last house designed by Luis Barragan) : easier, you can book, but I don’t think it’s necessary. The son’s owner, Martin Luque, hosts the tour. Really cool.
  •  Teotihuacan (the pyramids of thesunand the moon) : Book the balloon ride with You can book transportation through them, a mini van will come and pick you up. It’s an option. The only thing is that, you may miss the sunrise with that. Other option is you take a uber at 5-5:30am. You’ll get to the balloon location in under an hour. And since you got there first, you’ll be part of the first ones up in the air, so you can get the sunrise as you’re flying over the pyramids!
  • Museo de Antropologia : really cool museum to discover Mexico’s heritage!
  • Kurimanzutto (art gallery just a 2min walk from Casa Gilardi) > really cool neighborhood to get lost in!
  • Museo Jumex : contemporary art. Highly recommend
  • Museo Diego Rivera : cool architecture. The area and small streets nearby are definitely worth exploring!
  • Ciudad Universitaria : their university quarter. Definitely worth walking around.
  • Mercado Coyoacan : explore the street food! Just don’t eat the salad and you’ll be fine. (they don’t wash it, and you’ll get sick afterwards otherwise)

13. The Best Taquerias in Mexico City

  • Tacos Alvaro Obregon
  • Tacos El Califa
  • Tacos Frontera
  • El Tizoncito

14. Places To avoid in Mexico City:

  • Licoreria Limantour (despite being 50Best Bars, really uninteresting)
  • Buna 42 : supposed to be a good coffee. It’s not.
  • Hanky Panky.
  • Soumaya Museum. Really useless. Just check it out from the outside when you go to Jumex.

Still having trouble? Too many options? Check out our itinerary for a 6 day visit below:


DAY 1:

-Kicked off with a cold glass at the palm

-Upon arrival, took a shot of the hotels finest tequila

-Went to the roof and had a lovely sushi feast and apple juice that called itself Sauvignon B.


DAY 2:

-Breakfast at hotel – lovely coffee con leche and unlimited breakfast meats

-Took a lovely stroll through the house of Frida y Diego (museum)

-Walked around coyoacan- Mercado de coyoacan (tostadas), Hidalgo, fountain with coyotes

capuchmiko at cute cafe

-San Angel Inn – lunch and margarita limon, shaken not stirred, aside our table

-Drinks at licoreteria

-Dinner at Meroma


DAY 3:

Breakfast at hotel

Parque México / Parque Espana / walk around

Amsterdam cafe for coffee


Walked around sat bazar in San Angel

Appetizer at Orinoco taco (after failing to find our beloved Jenni)

Drinks at Gin gin Condesa

Dinner at Azul Condesa


DAY 4:

Took a lovely morning stroll to the corner of Mérida and Colima for the infamous Jenis street quesadilla where we got Ripped off

Walked around the Historic center

Hit Down town Mexico – shops

Barrio chino – Chinese district

La ciudela market

Mog bistro – quick rice salad

El habaneritas – tacos and beer

Pulque bar / pulque y salsa dancing

Luche libre in arena Mexico – yay good guys aka technicales

Transpatio for a drink (tried but left bc no vino)

Pizza Felix por vino

Dinner at la Docena


DAY 5:

Coffee and lite bite at hotel

Walked around condesa / Fuentes de Ciebels park

Mercado artisans

Lunch at Contramar

Walked around Polanco (adidas, Gucci, Zara) and mall


Rosetta for dinner


DAY 6:

Pujol lunch





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