Strommen’s video game translation experience includes work translating entire immersive RPG experiences, Casino games, titles like Captain America Super Soldier, and much more.

Our team adapts to your needs, your schedule and your budget. We can translate any filetype in any format.

A successful video game translation requires talent, dedication and passion. It requires skilled translators and editors. It requires the communication, organization and professionalism of an experienced project management team. At Strommen we fulfill all of these requirements and more. Please contact our office at 323 638 9787 for a free video game translation consultation or contact us.

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Partial Past Projects – More Here

Captain America Super Soldier – 2011

Strommen provided dialect coaching and translation so that the German soldiers had a perfect bavarian accent and localization.

US NAVY -2011

Translated the navy training trauma center motto from English to Latin for soldiers being deployed.