type foreign accents on a MAC or PC

How do you type Italian and Spanish Accents on an American keyboard?


So, how do you type Italian Accents on an American keyboard? The same answer works for typing Spanish, Portuguese and French foreign accents.

type italian accents on american keyboard iphone
Accents on iPhones and IOS are easy!

You will notice many pesky accents in French, Italian, Spanish and more. On an Iphone or iPad you only need to hold down the key and the accents will appear. Simple. Its a little more complicated for Mac users, and a little more complicated still for PC users.

How to type foreign accents on an American Keyboard using a Mac (desktop)

Hold down the ‘Alt’ key with one of the punctuation or letter keys, then release. Next, type the letter you need as you normally do.
• à = Alt + `, then a
• è = Alt + `, then e
• ì = Alt + e, then i
• ò = Alt + e, then o
• ù = Alt + e, then u • À = Alt + `, then A
• È = Alt + `, then E
• Ì = Alt + `, then I
• Ò = Alt + `, then O
• Ù = Alt + `, then U

How to type foreign accents on an American Keyboard using a PC 
Each letter has a specific number code. To type it hold down the ‘Alt’ key, ie the key next to the space bar, and use the number keys on your right. Make sure that ‘Num Lock’, ie the top left key, is on. The codes are:
• à = alt+133
• è = alt+138
• ì = alt+141
• ò = alt+149
• ù = alt+151 • À = alt+183
• È = alt+212
• Ì = alt+0204
• Ò = alt+0210
• Ù = alt+0217




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