HI Students!

Here are some funny French Expressions:

In French “Poser un lapin” means “To stand someone up”. Although it literally means : “To put a rabbit”.

poser un lapin
In French “Avoir un nom à coucher dehors” means “To have an unpronounceable name”. Although it literally means: “To have a name that makes one sleep outside”.

coucher dehors
In French “Donner sa langue au chat” means “To give up” (when one can’t find the answer to a question during a guessing game). Although it literally means “ To give the cat one’s tongue”.

In French “C’est la croix et la bannière” means “It’s a tall order”. Although it literally means: “It’s the cross and the banner”.

la croix et la banniere


In French “C’est la fin des haricots” means “Our goose is cooked”. Although it literally means: “It’s the end of the beans”

la fin des haricots

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