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A1 Level French Resources

How to Say Where Is the Bathroom in French

Looking to master the art of asking “Where Is the Bathroom?” in French while traveling to a French-speaking country? Don’t worry, we’ve got you

Common French Adjectives
A1 Level French Resources

The 50 Most Common French Adjectives

French Adjectives – A few important notes: Master our list of French adjectives to take your French skills to the next level – do

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40 French Idioms to Master

French, like any other language has a rich collection of idioms, which are being added to each and every day. Nonetheless some have entered

gender neutral pronouns in french
A1 Level French Resources

Gender Neutral Pronouns in French

Gender Neutral Pronouns in French: How can I use inclusive language and express the non-binary in French? Since inclusive language and gender neutral pronouns

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