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9 Reasons Learning Business English is Guaranteed to Advance Your Career

Learning Business English Will Take You Places!

Needless to say, today’s current job market and economy can feel a little unstable or uncertain at times due to competition and sweeping changes. I’m sure I didn’t have to tell you that, but just to make it more concrete – it’s predicted that by 2030 one out of every 16 workers might be pushed into another occupation.

As the tides change, companies are shifting along with it: 33% of HR professionals today have stated that within the next 5 years they expect to hire more people who have either worked or lived abroad (beyond the corporation’s location).

And the big problem is that more and more people are starting to think that they can just AI their way through interacting with a foreigner. Maybe you have even used a translation app to ask questions while traveling or to simply write an email to a hotel or to the host of an organization in another country. And it probably worked just fine. 

9 reasons learning business English is good for your career


But, I’m here to break it to you- English is the most spoken language in the world! 1.452 Billion people speak English today, which means there’ll almost always be someone in the room who speaks English (and almost always someone who’s resume will look better if you don’t learn English;). So, if you really want to walk the walk of a professional in your field, you will need to talk the actual talk because between giving presentations, performing business negotiations and appearing as the expert that you are, losing time on translation apps could hurt your delivery. 

Translation : Learning English and acquiring business English skills today is more than just a good idea for some overachievers, it’s essential if you want to get ahead in your career and move into the international field. Trust me, it’ll open up so many doors.

I have been teaching ESL for business 15+ years and learned a second language myself while living and working abroad for a large handful of years. As a teacher and as someone who has been in your shoes, I’ve witnessed and experienced firsthand how learning lingo and common everyday phrases to use while interacting with colleagues, clients, and contractors can go a long way in improving the relationship, understanding, and connection with others- because speaking the same language with someone else is a way of being part of something with others. 

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But, in case you’re not convinced just yet, here are some things to consider when deciding if you need to invest in an ESL class or English instructor. 

9 Reasons Learning Business English Will Advance Your Career:


1. Gets You Ahead in College

Learning Business English is not only something you can study while you’re at University, but it’s something you can ace to get into the best business schools in the world! Having a degree from a global business school is a fast track to your dream job, which means you don’t have to waste years climbing the ladder.

2. Cross Specialization

Learning Business English isn’t only about learning English to be used at work, you learn about business while learning English. So not only do you learn useful phrases and how to use English in a workplace setting, you actually get to apply it to new ideas, management, understanding trends, dynamics in international relations and …

Employers find these skills useful, and applicants who have them stand out compared to others who don’t.

3. Navigate the World of Business 

This is related to the previous reason and kind of a no-brainer since taking a business English class means you’ll be learning more about business, but you’ll genuinely be learning all the vocab and phrases that are the bread and butter of the business world. You’ll master the art of business writing, delivering killer presentations, expressing your opinions, acing negotiations, describing graphs and charts easily, and contributing confidently during those meetings. Let’s not forget about the teamwork vibes, business travel know-how, relationship-building skills, and even prepping for job interviews.

 think about how being informed on how business works, knowing how to follow current trends, and …. Will put you at ease when navigating the current market and looking for the right jobs at the right time with your current knowledge. 

4. Top Language of Information

While you’re learning all about business and market trends in English, you’ll also have access to an entire world of information that will help you specialize and be up to date in your field. 55% of the internet is in English, which makes it the top language accessible and available to surf! It’s also the most studied language of the world as well as the top language used in 

  • Mainstream media
  • Language of academia
  • Scientific papers
  • Literature

Oh, and get this: business English sessions often include real-life texts and articles from newspapers and magazines. That means you’ll be up to date with all the global news and the latest business trends. You’ll be the trendsetter, my friend. And who knows, you might even have assignments that connect you with the current news. So not only will you be rocking the knowledge game, but you’ll also be sharpening your analytical skills.

5. New opportunities 

 Now let’s talk about the real deal. I think this is the answer you were waiting for, right? I mean who doesn’t want to hear that their skills are in-demand in our current market? We live in a world where everything is connected and international business is the name of the game. Being able to speak  English isn’t just about speaking to Americans or Brits – companies from all over the globe are collaborating left and right, and that’s where business English comes in. When you dive into the world of business English, you’ll get a front-row seat to how international companies work together, do their business thang, and build those professional relationships. Being able to speak Business English means communicating with German investors, Chinese manufacturers and French marketers without checking your translators every 5 seconds or slipping out of the room (and losing an opportunity!) because you’re too afraid of making a mistake. And here’s the kicker: your killer business English skills will have a major impact on your future career. If you have your Business English skills down, you’ll have a huge advantage over your peers. You’ll be climbing that ladder faster than you can say “promotion.”

6. You’ll be relatable

This aspect gets overlooked because foreign languages are taught as subjects in schools around the world, so people only see it as something to acquire a passing note in school instead of as a way to interact with others. But, in reality speaking another language and in particular speaking English for business means that you’ll be able to communicate with others on a direct level. English is a rich language just like your first language, which means there’s depth and possibility in fully immersing yourself in the language. There’s a lot of nuance and subtlety involved in our everyday conversations, let alone our negotiations and meetings, so being able to really get what people want to say is an incredible advantage in our world today. If you’re truly able to get your point across in English and to connect with others on a level beyond just ordering a coffee, not only will you excel in business relations but you may make a good friend while you’re at it. 

7. International Travels gets Easier

Next time an opportunity to go overseas comes up at work, you can be the one to raise your hand. You don’t have to lose out on deals or chances to make an impression just because of your English level. English is the language of international travel, which means that if you have a leg up on your English you can move around the world with ease instead of shaking about not understanding the metro signs. 

8. Communication Skills

First things first, you’re gonna take your English skills to a whole new level. You’ll level up your existing language skills and gain a boatload of new knowledge. You’ll dive deep into industry-specific vocab, master the art of writing killer business emails, and handle all those practical work-related tasks like a pro. And guess what? Your general English game, including grammar and pronunciation, will get a major boost. Plus, all that practice and interactive awesomeness will make you super confident when it comes to speaking English. You’ll be slaying conversations on both everyday topics and business-related stuff.

9. Professional Style 

Once you have your Business English communication tools down, you’ll immediately appear more professional. Your new Business English persona will impress those around you and 

Let me break it down for you: when it comes to the business world, speaking the language is key. I’m talking about that specialized jargon and those slick phrases that make you sound like a pro. Sure, you might be a total expert in your field, killing it in your mother tongue, but if you can’t bring that same energy to international meetings in English, you’re missing out on major opportunities. Believe me, you don’t wanna be overlooked and undervalued because of a language barrier. So, here’s the deal: it’s time to level up your business English game! Trust me, when you do, you’ll be unstoppable, making waves and leaving a lasting impression on everyone you meet in the business world. Let’s do this!

And here’s some straight-up real talk: having killer business English skills can be a total game-changer when it comes to landing your dream job. Seriously, it’s like having a superpower that sets you apart from the crowd. In today’s world, being able to express yourself confidently in a business environment is a must if you wanna score an exciting and well-paid position in a multinational company. But guess what? Even smaller companies are doing business with foreign

Now, let’s talk about the English language courses out there. There’s a whole smorgasbord of options, and yeah, they can all help you improve your English skills. But here’s the deal: business English is where it’s at. It’s like a specialized version of English that focuses on the corporate language used in the business world. It’s part of the skill set that you gotta have if you wanna rock it in the international business community.

 But hey, here’s the sweet part: you can also go for specialized business English courses that focus on specific areas like law, finance, marketing, and all that jazz. Once you’ve aced a general business English course, you can zoom in on the business subject that tickles your fancy.

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By Erin Gigl




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