Tacos in Spanish

A Ridiculously Simple Guide on How to Order Tacos in Spanish

¡Quiero unos tacos! Do you know how to order tacos in Spanish? If you don’t then you’re in the right place!

Tacos are a beloved Mexican dish enjoyed worldwide for their flavorful combinations and diverse ingredients. If you’re a taco aficionado or planning to visit a Spanish-speaking country, it’s essential to know how to order tacos in Spanish. Not only will it enhance your cultural experience, but it will also help you navigate the local taco scene with confidence. 

In this blog post, we’ll take you through a step-by-step guide on ordering tacos in Spanish, including key vocabulary, useful phrases, and cultural tips to make your taco adventure a memorable one.


Taco Basics

Before you learn how to order tacos in Spanish, it is important to know the basics of taco ingredients. 

Here are some key terms you’ll encounter when exploring taco options:

  • Taco: A tortilla (corn or flour) filled with various ingredients like meat, vegetables, cheese, salsa, and more.
  • Tortilla: A thin, round bread made from corn or wheat flour, used as a base for tacos.
  • Salsa: A sauce or condiment typically made from tomatoes, onions, chili peppers, and herbs.

Taco Ingredients

Spanish English
Carnitas Pulled pork
Pollo Chicken
Carne Asada Grilled beef
Pescado Fish
Frijoles Beans
Barbacoa Barbecue
Aguacate Avocado
Cebolla Onion
Tomate Tomato
Lechuga Lettuce
Limón Lime
Cilantro Cilantro
Jalapeño Jalapeno
Queso Cheese
Crema Sour Cream
Chipotle Chipotle
Salsa Picante Spicy Sauce

Phrases To Order Tacos in Spanish

The most common way to order tacos in Spanish is to use the verbs querer (to want) and dar (to give). There are three easy formulas you can use.

Subject + Querer + Number of Tacos

  • Yo quiero 3 tacos. (I want 3 tacos.)
  • Ellos quieren 6 tacos. (They want 6 tacos.)

To this formula, you can also add con + ingredients:

  • Yo quiero 3 tacos con salsa picante. (I want 3 tacos with spicy sauce.)
  • Ellos quieren 6 tacos con aguacate. (They want 6 tacos with avocado.)

Or you can use de + ingredient:

  • Yo quiero 3 tacos de pollo. (I want 3 chicken tacos.)
  • Ellos quieren 6 tacos de pescado. (They want 6 fish tacos)

Dar + Number of Tacos

  • Deme 3 tacos. (Give me 3 tacos.)

You can also add con + ingredients or de + ingredients:

  • Deme 3 tacos con barbacoa. (Give me 3 tacos with barbecue.)
  • Deme 3 tacos de carne asada. (Give me 3 grilled beef tacos.)

Question Formula: Indirect Pronoun + puede + Dar + number + type of tacos

  • ¿Me puede dar 3 tacos de pescado? (Can you give me 3 fish tacos?)
  • ¿Nos puede dar 6 tacos con picante? (Can you give us 6 spicy tacos?)

How to order tacos in Spanish

Practice Ordering Tacos in Spanish: Conversation Example

Here are conversation examples on how to order tacos in Spanish:

Example #1: 

You: Hola, me gustaría pedir tacos, por favor. (Hello, I would like to order tacos, please.)

Taquero: Claro. ¿Qué tipo de tacos quiere? (Sure. What type of tacos do you want?)

You: ¿Qué tipo de tacos tienen? (What type of tacos do you have?)

Taquero: Tenemos tacos de carne, pescado y de pollo. (We have beef, fish, and chicken tacos.)

You: Quisiera tres tacos de pollo, por favor. (I would like three chicken tacos, please.)

Taquero: Claro. ¿Qué ingredientes quiere? (Sure. What ingredients do you want?)

You: Quiero tomate, cebolla y picante. (I want tomato, onion, and spicy sauce.)

Taquero: ¡Aquí tiene sus tacos! (Here are your tacos!)

You: ¡Muchas gracias! (Thank you very much!)

Example #2:

Taquero: ¿Está listo para ordenar? (Are you ready to order?)

You: Sí, quiero tres tacos con carne asada. (Yes, I would like three grilled beef tacos.)

Taquero: ¿Con todo? (With everything?)

You: Sin cebolla, por favor. (Without onion, please.)

Taquero: Claro, ¿Algo más? (Sure, anything else?)

You: Solamente, gracias. (Just that, thanks.)

¡Unos Tacos Por Favor! 

Great job! Now you know how to order tacos in Spanish!

Ordering tacos in Spanish is not only a practical skill but also an opportunity to immerse yourself in the rich culture of Spanish-speaking countries. By learning the essential vocabulary, useful phrases, and cultural tips provided in this guide, you’ll be well-equipped to confidently order tacos in Spanish. 

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