• Name: Victor H
  • Los Angeles Classes: Vietnamese
  • Locations: Huntington Beach, Los Angeles, Manhattan Beach
  • About: Hi, my name is Victor Hoang. I’ve lived in California for decades but I was born in North Vietnam and was raised in Saigon, the South. I’ve been teaching and tutoring Vietnamese since I was still in school. I’m going to teach you something about this beautiful language. First, Vietnamese has many dialects based on the regions but generally we can say the North, the Mid and the South. The Northern pronunciation is closer to the standard so speakers from the North tend to make fewer spelling mistakes although they make some other kinds of mistake that the South speakers don’t. In my classes I will teach you the standard pronunciation, which is based on this principle: Pronounce exactly what is spelled and spell exactly what is pronounced. With the standard pronunciation, you can write a word without knowing what it means. People in any region can understand you without confusion between similar sounding words. The standard pronunciation is used in schools and used by many educated people including many news presenters. No matter what level of Vietnamese you’re in, people will recognize that you’re well taught if you talk with the standard pronunciation. So I recommend you to ask for it from the teacher of your choice.
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