• Name: Alberto B
  • Los Angeles Classes: English Second Language, Kids, Portuguese, Spanish
  • Locations: Hollywood, East Hollywood, Los Feliz, Silverlake
  • About: �Hola! Hi! Oi! My name is Alberto Francesco and I am from the beautiful island of Puerto Rico in the Caribbean. Growing up there I learned Spanish and English simultaneously, and while my classmates preferred science, history, and math, I developed a steadfast fascination and passion for language and words and how we use these to communicate who we are to the world. I decided to study linguistics and foreign languages at the University of Puerto Rico, my beautiful alma mater, and after 4 years I obtained a Bachelor�s degree in Portuguese and French as a dual major. I also took several years of Italian, German, Japanese, and ASL. If you couldn�t tell yet, I�m obsessed with languages, but I teach mainly Spanish, English, and Portuguese! I believe I�m happiest when I�m teaching a language or just leisurely talking about it with friends. When teaching, I get to experience falling in love with the language all over again through my student and that is precisely why I do it. It reminds me of when I started learning a new language myself, every new word was a delicious treat to my senses. I love to find fun and creative mnemonic devices for my students to remember words or grammatical rules by linking these to the understanding they possess of their own native languages. �Vamos a aprender mucho, mi gente linda! I hope you are as excited as I am!
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