• Name: Kris W
  • Los Angeles Classes: Accent reduction, Chinese, English Second Language
  • Locations: Santa Fe, New Mexico
  • About: Hi I'm Kris! I began my journey with Mandarin Chinese while working with Chinese immigrants in Dallas, TX, so I empathize with US-based Chinese learners!
    It can be hard picking up such a difficult language state-side, but communicating in a language as beautiful and fascinating as Mandarin is a thrill well worth the challenge. After becoming fairly fluent through my own self-immersion efforts, I moved to China, SiChuan, Chengdu where I helped found an English Language Training Center. It was an adventure in not only furthering my language ability, but also immersing myself in Chinese culture, especially business culture.
    After the school was up and running, I returned to the US and attended the world-renowned Chinese program of Brigham Young University where I all but achieved a double major in Political Science and Mandarin. Instead, I graduated early to teach full-time in New York City where I concurrently earned an M.Ed. From Hunter College. I have taught at every level from Elementary to University, and many subjects including, but not limited to: ESL, Economics, History, even Theology! I am passionate about teaching and it shows in my classes. In teaching Chinese, I emphasize SOUNDING Chinese! I am committed to making sure that your Chinese tones are correct and that your accent turns heads, opens doors, and conveys the level of respect one would want when doing business with the world's oldest and most storied culture.
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