• Name: Emanuele C
  • Los Angeles Classes: Italian
  • Locations: Laguna Niguel
  • About: Hello guys! My name is Emanuele, born and raised in Italy, near Milan. I've spent my entire life studying languages with a very academic approach, which unfortunately didn't give me the results I hoped for. So, I started traveling the world, learning Russian, French, and English fluently. I combined this academic approach with my own practical method to be able to have fluent conversations with people who speak other languages. I worked as a ski instructor with people from all over the world, which allowed me to improve my languages. Five years ago, I moved to California, where I've been teaching many Italian enthusiasts how to speak Italian fluently. My goal is to help you become fluent and confident in what you say, without getting lost in details or expressions that you'll never use. This type of teaching is not the same for all my students; it's personalized for each person's level and personality, in other words, tailored just for you. The ultimate goal is to make you aware and proficient in communicating with a native speaker. Ci vediamo presto ! 🙂
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