• Name: Lukas C
  • Los Angeles Classes: German, Kids
  • Locations: Miracle Mile, West Hollywood, Beverly Hills, Century City, Santa Monica, Culver City, Mar Vista
  • About: Hallo! My name is Lukas! German is my first language and I was immersed in the English language at an early age (I went to an international school from 3rd through 5th grade). I'm from Zürich, Switzerland (My accent is high German). I've lived in the United States since 2009. I've always enjoyed teaching; It's just great to see students make progress! My lessons are tailored to each individual student in 3 ways. First of all, our course will focus on your specific goals: Based on the progress you're making from lesson to lesson, we'll spend time on the most crucial topics to reach your end goal. Secondly, I'll account for your preferred way of learning: Whether you're a visual learner, prefer an analytical approach, lots of conversation, or language games - we'll do whatever works best for you. Finally, to keep you motivated, I'll build your course around your areas of interest: Whether you're a big sports fan, love music, or want to know everything about German culture, we'll use materials from those areas. That way the course will stay interesting, and you'll hopefully enjoy every one of your lessons!
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