Valentine's Day Vocabulary in Spanish

Amor en Palabras: Exploring Valentine’s Day Vocabulary in Spanish

Looking to woo your partner with some Valentine’s Day vocabulary in Spanish? We’re here to help!

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and if you’re learning Spanish you probably want to know some useful vocabulary related to this sweet holiday. 

In Latin America, Valentine’s Day is better known as El Día del Amor y la Amistad, or the day of love and friendship. In Spain, it is known as El Día de San Valentín. 

Today we’ll share some well-known Valentine’s Day vocabulary in Spanish, so that you know what to say when going on with your partner.

Are you ready? Let’s get started!

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Valentine’s Day Vocabulary in Spanish

Valentine's Day Vocabulary in Spanish

Valentine’s Day Words

English Spanish
Love Amor
Heart Corazón
Valentine’s Day Día de San Valentín
Romance Romance
Affection Cariño
Friendship Amistad
Hug Abrazo
Kiss Beso
Date Cita
Dulce Sweet
Cupid Cupido

Example Sentences

  1. El día de San Valentín es un día para celebrar el amor y la amistad. (Valentine’s Day is a day to celebrate love and friendship.)
  2. Cupido es el encargado de flechar los corazones de las personas enamoradas. (Cupid is in charge of shooting arrows into the hearts of people in love.)
  3. Me encanta recibir tarjetas de San Valentín con mensajes cariñosos. (I love receiving Valentine’s Day cards with affectionate messages.)

Valentine’s Day Gifts

English Spanish
Flower bouquet Ramo de flores
Box of chocolates Caja de chocolates
Jewelry Joyería
Perfume Perfume
Stuffed animal Peluche
Love letter Carta de amor
Balloons Globos
Poem Poema
Serenade Serenata

Example Sentences

  1. A mi pareja le regalé un ramo de flores por San Valentín. (I gave my partner a bouquet of flowers for Valentine’s Day.)
  2. Mi novio me sorprendió con una caja de chocolates como regalo de San Valentín. (My boyfriend surprised me with a box of chocolates as a Valentine’s Day gift.)
  3. Le escribí un poema a mi novia como regalo de San Valentín. (I wrote a poem for my girlfriend as a Valentine’s Day gift.)

Valentine’s Day Food and Drinks

English Spanish
Romantic dinner Cena romántica
Wine Vino
Champagne Champagne
Cocktail Coctel
Strawberries Fresas
Chocolate Chocolate
Cake Pastel
Bonbons Bombones
Ice cream Helado

Example Sentences

  1. Preparé una cena romántica en casa para celebrar San Valentín. (I prepared a romantic dinner at home to celebrate Valentine’s Day.)
  2. Nos brindaron con champagne durante nuestra cena romántica. (We were served champagne during our romantic dinner.)
  3. Para el postre, disfrutamos de un delicioso pastel de chocolate. (For dessert, we enjoyed a delicious chocolate cake.)

Valentine’s Day Activities

English Spanish
Beach walk Paseo por la playa
Weekend getaway Escapada de fin de semana
Watch a romantic movie Ver una película romántica
Go to the movies Ir al cine
Go to dinner Ir a cenar
Dance together Bailar juntos
Have a picnic Hacer un picnic
Write love letters Escribir cartas de amor

Example Sentences

  1. Fuimos a ver una película romántica al cine para celebrar San Valentín. (We went to see a romantic movie at the cinema to celebrate Valentine’s Day.)
  2. Decidimos hacer un picnic en el parque para celebrar el día de San Valentín. (We decided to have a picnic in the park to celebrate Valentine’s Day.)
  3. Organizamos una escapada de fin de semana a la playa para celebrar nuestro aniversario. (We organized a weekend getaway to the beach to celebrate our anniversary.)

Valentine’s Day Phrases

English Spanish
I love you Te amo / Te quiero
You’re my other half Eres mi media naranja
My love Mi amor
You’re the love of my life Eres el amor de mi vida
I love you very much Te quiero mucho
Always together Siempre juntos
You’re the sunshine of my life Eres el sol de mi vida
I can’t live without you No puedo vivir sin ti
You’re my reason to smile Eres mi razón para sonreír 

Example Sentences

  1. Te amo más de lo que puedes imaginar. (I love you more than you can imagine.)
  2. Eres mi razón para sonreír cada día. (You’re my reason to smile every day.)
  3. Siempre juntos, pase lo que pase. (Always together, no matter what.)

Let’s Celebrate Love!

Now you know all the Valentine’s Day vocabulary in Spanish that you need to know in order to celebrate this holiday properly. 

¡Feliz día del amor y la amistad! (Happy Valentine’s Day!)

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