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The Best Italian Textbooks

So you want to learn Italian? Looking for the best Italian textbook? Strømmen is here to help.

Many students use free options like duolingo or quizlet to help acquire new vocabulary and grammar. But it’s always nice to have an old-school textbook to add to the mix as either a reference or a comprehensive course that students can do on their own. That’s why we have shared what our tutors consider the best Italian textbooks below.

A list of Strømmen’s favorite Italian text books is below. If you need help reviewing exercises or checking for errors, you can always schedule a private class with us!


  1. If you are looking for a great and FREE Italian textbook that covers everything from beginner Italian to Advanced. Look no further than here is a link to the entire Free Italian textbook on
  2. Prego is our favorite Italian textbook and we feel it is the best Italian textbook to take students from beginners to the advanced level. However, like most college texts it can be expensive. This book explains everything from accent to the imperfect subjunctive, although you might want a tutor to help you along the way.


3. Easy Italian reader is a great way to practice your reading comprehension and accent. The book is great because it offers easy texts to read and questions in Italian that you can answer after the reading. It also offers more advanced readings on Italian history and short stories.

4. Ultimate Italian is a great text for those that want self study and like a smaller more compact book. It is not as complete as prego, but many of our teachers love it.

4. Complete Italian grammar is a great reference for Grammar only and exercises. It’s full of wonderful exercises, but again, it is more bare-bones than prig and is best for students looking to add more exercises in specific areas of Italian grammar.

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