Ferraro Soccer Field Map with legend (Field 1, 2, 3, 4)

Below, find a Ferraro Field map of the John Ferraro Sports Complex Soccer Fields with a diagram / legend of the different fields:


  • Ferraro Field 1A
  • Ferraro Field 1B
  • Ferraro Field 2A
  • Ferraro Field 2B
  • Ferraro Field 3A
  • Ferraro Field 3B
  • Ferraro Field 4A
  • Ferraro Field 4B


The John Ferraro Soccer Fields are a prominent recreational facility located in Griffith Park, Los Angeles. Named after John Ferraro, a long-serving member of the Los Angeles City Council, these fields serve as a hub for soccer activity in the city, providing a space for various leagues, tournaments, and casual games for players of all ages.

The complex is situated in a picturesque setting, often flanked by the scenic hills of Griffith Park. The fields themselves are generally well-maintained, providing a quality playing surface that can be a critical factor in the enjoyment and safety of the sport. Depending on the season and availability, the fields may offer both natural grass and artificial turf surfaces, making them versatile for different types of play and weather conditions.

Accessibility is another strong point for John Ferraro Soccer Fields. Griffith Park is centrally located, making the fields reachable for residents across Los Angeles. The complex usually has ample parking, and it may also be accessible via public transportation or biking paths, depending on ongoing developments in the city’s infrastructure.

Given Los Angeles’ diverse population, the John Ferraro Soccer Fields are a meeting ground for a variety of communities. On any given weekend, one might find a range of skill levels and styles of play, from children’s leagues to adult recreational and competitive matches. Thus, The fields serve as a recreational outlet and a cultural melting pot where people from various backgrounds come together over a shared love for soccer.

The facility might also host specialized training camps, clinics, and workshops, contributing to soccer development at both the grassroots and advanced levels. These programs can provide valuable skill development opportunities for aspiring players and even serve as a scouting ground for talent identification.

However, like many public facilities, the John Ferraro Soccer Fields may face challenges such as overcrowding during peak times or seasons and the wear and tear that comes with heavy use. Depending on municipal budgets and priorities, funding for maintenance and improvements can also be a concern.

In summary, the John Ferraro Soccer Fields in Griffith Park stand as a valuable community resource in Los Angeles, promoting physical activity, community engagement, and the growth of soccer as a sport. Their central location, quality facilities, and role as a communal gathering place make them an integral part of the city’s recreational landscape.





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