How to make a free tutoring website

How to make a free tutoring website (step by step with pictures)

Are you a private tutor looking to start your own business or get more clients, or do you simply want to make a nice landing page with your contact information? One of the best ways to get clients is to have a website. Websites show prospective students that you are serious and you can also list your professional credentials, testimonials and calls to action.  You can also apply to be listed with our tutoring agency and advertise your services on Strømmen or other websites like Strømmen. That said, here is a great way to make a beautiful and free tutoring website / page with step by step instructions:


  1. Head over to WIX.COM
  2.  Click – Get Started 
  3. Sign up with your email and password
  4. Click create a new site
  5. Click other
  6. Click “Let Wix ADI create a Website for you
  7. Type in Tutor
  8. You can uncheck the features for now
  9. Enter the name of your company (for example John Doe Tutoring, or Italian Tutoring with Jane Doe etc)
  10. If you have an old website you can import data, if not, you can skip it.
  11. Next add your contact info
  12. Then choose a theme
  13. Then choose a design
  14. Add some pages
  15. And then click edit site
  16. You can add some external links to your teaching advertisements. If you are a tutor listed on Strømmen feel free to add a link to your tutor profile.
  17.  This will help attract more clients to your Strømmen ad.
  18. After that, choose a domain. You can use a free Wix Domain.
  19. Thats it! your site is published. To view the domain click on MY SITES, SITE ACTIONS, VIEW SITE
  20. Here is one I made as an example!




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